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CCTV Cameras

Buy the ideal surveillance camera

A surveillance camera can carry out various tasks. It detects unauthorized intruders as well as wild movements or other objects and activities that fall into the wide angle of its lenses. With these qualities, surveillance cameras can effectively document all kinds of activities, from illegal garbage disposal to theft in public places. You will find a broad spectrum of high performance surveillance cameras in our range. Most of them are ideal for indoor as well as outdoor use.

Outdoor surveillance camera

A surveillance camera for outdoor use is equipped with a robust, weather resistant case for this purpose. It conforms to protection classes such as IPX5 or IP54. The models usually have a high-tech interior in camouflage design and are well protected. A basic outdoor surveillance camera itself is equipped with a 5.0 megapixel HD CMOS sensor for excellent image quality. Top devices deliver brilliant 12 megapixels and Full HD quality video. Infrared flashes, some with black LEDs, are also used. They are not even visible due to a small red flickering and allow excellent pictures even in complete darkness. Depending on the device, PIR motion sensors allow almost instantaneous, automatic recording of individual images, photo sequences or video clips. The sensitivity of the sensors can often be adjusted to allow for the detection of smaller animals or larger objects such as people.

Whether an outdoor camera or a mini surveillance camera: don't forget the memory device while purchasing!

There are special micro SD cards available as storage units for the surveillance camera with recording. Usually, capacities upto 32 GB are supported. In addition, an integrated LCD B/W or colour display is often part of the equipment of a surveillance camera with recording. Display sizes from 2.4'' are common here. A mini security camera can have them on the bottom. You can also buy a surveillance camera with a microphone and loudspeakers.

Should the surveillance camera be operated wirelessly or via solar energy?

When it comes to power supply, you will often have a choice: You can often operate your surveillance camera wirelessly with suitable batteries. Some models also offer a DC or USB connection. It is also possible to operate a camera via a solar panel. You can choose for example a surveillance camera as a set, which includes the solar panel with mounting kit, a solar connection cable and many other items.

WiFi camera allows monitoring on the go

The Internet offers new possibilities to use a camera for surveillance. A WiFi camera can be integrated into your home network. It can be accessed internally from any connected device as well as globally via smartphone, tablet or computer. This makes it suitable for use as a baby monitor, for home monitoring or for checking on the kitten left at home.

Information on the current legal situation during video surveillance of the house

However, the legal requirements must be taken into account for video surveillance of the building. The legislator has regulated very clearly where the view of the camera can be directed and what it can hear, how to manage recordings and what is prohibited under all circumstances. It is important that you check this before you start installing your surveillance camera set.

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