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Nordic walking sticks

Buy Nordic walking sticks online in high quality and at low prices

As an easy to moderate sport for people of all ages, Nordic walking boosts the metabolism and the cardiovascular system. Swinging your arms is characteristic of this leisure sport, and Nordic walking sticks play an important role in this. In our online shop, you can buy a large variety of Nordic walking sticks. To ensure that the sticks fit you perfectly, there are a few criteria to consider when choosing a pair. Here you can find out what is important when buying Nordic walking sticks and why choosing the right pair is so important.

Why Nordic walking sticks are essential

Nordic walking is considered a form of hiking, but compared to classic hiking, it is intended to build up muscles. The sticks play an important role here. Supporting yourself with the sticks in the ground relieves your joints - especially the hips and knees. Therefore, the selection of a suitable pair of poles and the correct handling are fundamental.

Differences between hiking sticks and Nordic walking sticks

Using classic hiking sticks for Nordic walking is not a good idea. The sticks designed for Nordic walking are designed for you to walk on rather flat terrain with them. Hiking sticks, on the other hand, can cope with the often very large differences in altitude. Also consider that there are different types of Nordic walking sticks. You can find out what these are in the following point.

Nordic walking sticks - adjustable and made of different materials

Sticks for Nordic walking sport are available as full sticks and in a telescopic version. The latter variant has the advantage that the height can be individually adjusted. Another important aspect is the dimensions of the Nordic walking sticks. Length and handle should be optimally matched to the anatomy of your body. In addition, the sticks are available in light materials such as carbon and aluminium as well as in a mix of carbon and glass fibre - the so-called composite.

Purchase advice for Nordic walking sticks

The size of Nordic walking sticks depends largely on your height. The rule of thumb here is the formula "height in centimetres x 0.7". If, as a beginner in Nordic walking, you want to get a little variability, you can opt for a telescopic pole. A carbon model is usually a bit more expensive, but is considered to be very robust. With aluminium, you are choosing a light weight with an attractive price-performance ratio.

Nordic walking sticks FAQs

Why do you need special sticks for Nordic walking?

The sticks serve to relieve the joints and support the effectiveness of the sport. Unlike hiking sticks, they are designed for relatively flat terrain.

Which material is considered high-quality for Nordic walking sticks?

Carbon is extremely popular. The sticks have a very elegant design and remain extremely stable, even when faced with greater challenges.

What length should the sticks be for Nordic walking?

To find the right length, multiply your height by a factor of 0.7.

What is important to consider when buying Nordic walking poles?

In addition to length, material and design, also consider the comfort of the handle when making your selection. A wrist strap facilitates the typical back-and-forth movement.
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