Massage roller

Regenerate and prevent with the massage roller

Tensions, sore muscles and stuck fasciae hurt. A massage roller helps to prevent and alleviate.

Too much or too little movement, a sedentary activity or one-sided stress at work have a negative effect on our musculoskeletal system. The consequences are muscle and back problems, the blood circulation causes problems and the fine fasciae stick together. Regular exercises with a scooter help to prevent these complaints. Existing limitations can be reduced more quickly by targeted training with the sports equipment.

How does a massage roller work?

The system is simple: a roll of rigid foam replaces the masseur in this technique. The muscles are removed through slow, targeted treatment of the painful or susceptible parts of the body. The gentle pressure stimulates the blood circulation. Different surfaces and different degrees of hardness further enhance the effect of the roll and individually ensure the best possible success. You can adjust the exact dosage of the pressure by the application in such a way that it is noticeable, but not unpleasant.

Which scooter for which application?

If you want to buy a massage scooter for the first time, use the all-round model. It has a width that is suitable for exercises with the back and legs and arms. Narrower rollers with a smaller diameter are ideal if you want to work on neck tension. Special designs are adapted to individual body parts. The massage roller for the legs may be somewhat harder than a massage roller for the face. The massage roller with handle is well suited for the thighs, with many models the handle can be removed.

Rollers for massage - the right material

Wooden massage rollers are beautifully designed and ideal for those who appreciate the pleasant surface of the natural material. Many users prefer hard foam scooters. They are available in different degrees of hardness, so that even pressure-sensitive persons can practice regularly and with pleasure. High-quality hard foam is resistant to ageing and thus retains its shape for a long time. Massage rollers for the back are available in fashionable colors, you can choose your favorite color or order the handy device to match your sports clothes.

Fascia rollers and their success

This name for the massage roll says a lot about its characteristics Due to the ability to loosen glued fasciae, the scooters became a sales hit a few years ago. Fascia is a fibrous supporting tissue that runs through the entire body. Too little exercise, age and sometimes an unhealthy diet have a negative effect on the fascia. The result is pain, which can range from dull to incisive over the affected regions. Fascia rollers gently loosen the adhesions and stimulate blood circulation. This reduces pain in a natural way.

Release tensions and blockages with the massage roller

A further field of application are the large and small muscle parts. Here the back roll shows its double effect: it stretches the muscles and stimulates blood circulation. The resulting deep heat is then transferred to the muscles and a positive cycle begins. The exercises only take a few minutes each, the effect comes from the regular application.

Benefit now from this handy device. If you buy a massage roll, you can personally convince yourself of the advantages. Instruction videos show you the way to a more comfortable life without muscle and back problems.

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