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High-quality humidors for cigar lovers

Humidors are always a good purchase for lovers of high-quality cigars. In this way, high-quality and tasty smoking products can be stored at the optimum temperature and humidity. It is important to choose humidors that suit your needs and requirements. We'll show you what options are available to you.

The humidor cabinet in its various versions

In our range, you can find humidors in various sizes and designs. What all cabinets have in common is the simple and clearly visible temperature control and the regulation of the humidity thanks to the easy-to-see hygrometer. Thanks to different inserts and sizes, small and large cigar collections can be stored safely and in the best storage environment. We also offer the humidor in combination with a wine refrigerator. That is because both cigars and wines should be stored at optimal temperatures. This way, you can cover both elements with just one device, and thus optimise space requirements and power consumption. The matching humidor cabinet also offers built-in lighting, so you can take a look at your collection without opening the doors. This can make it easier for you to choose the right cigar in the cabinet itself.

Field of application for the humidor

In addition to professional use in specialist shops, humidors are also being used more and more in private settings. That is because anyone who is interested in cigars doesn't always want to buy them in small quantities in a specialist shop, but would rather store them in the comfort of their own home. However, since cigars lose their taste very quickly if they are not stored properly, they must be protected. In the humidor, cigars are stored at the optimum temperature and humidity, allowing them to develop and preserve their full aroma. So if you want to have your favourite variety at home in larger quantities, you should consider buying a humidor.

Buying these humidors makes sense

If you like to drink a bottle of wine and are not averse to enjoying a good cigar, you should choose humidors that have their own wine fridge. This way, you can kill two birds with one stone and particularly benefit from the optimal temperatures. However, if you mainly only smoke cigars and want to ensure a high-quality standard in a small space, you should buy pure humidors. These provide optimal temperature regulation and controlled humidity throughout the interior.


Why are there always humidors with drawers made of cedar wood?

Cedar wood is traditionally used in humidors. It absorbs moisture well and thus ensures even distribution. In addition, the aroma of the wood is said to drive away tobacco worms and have a positive effect on the taste of the cigars.

Does the combination of humidor and wine fridge make sense?

Humidors in combination with wine refrigerators are becoming increasingly popular. This is partly due to the fact that good and professional storage contributes significantly to the aroma of both cigars and wines. If you like drinking wine and smoking cigars, such a combination makes a lot of sense.

Can I store cigars long-term in the humidor?

As a rule of thumb, you can store cigars in humidors for up to five years before the cigars lose their flavour.
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