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Sous-Vide Cooker

Sous Vide Cooker - Mobile Solution for Gently Cooked Food

The modern everyday cuisine would be inconceivable without flavour-preserving, nutrient- and health-conscious cooking. Sous vide cooking is particularly popular here - a gentle solution for preparing tasty and figure-friendly dishes. What is sous vide cooking and what to look out for when buying a sous vide cooker? We present the essential features here and offer you the opportunity to buy your desired appliance today in our online shop.

What is sous vide cooking - a look behind the scenes of the culinary phenomenon

Similar to slow cooking, sous vide cooking (sous vide = under vacuum) is a process in which food is initially sealed in a vacuum bag. This is then placed in the cooking pot filled with water. Examples of foods that can be cooked are vegetables, fish and meat. The range of applications is very extensive. Now you set the appliance to the desired cooking temperature. It enables a highly precise and controlled cooking process. The minerals and vitamins of the heated food are retained almost completely. What is the difference between a sous vide cooker and a slow cooker? With sous vide, you choose a mobile solution that is highly flexible and offers you the greatest possible freedom in your day-to-day routines.

Sous Vide cookers - these models are definitely worth a closer look

The appliances are available as traditional freestanding devices for the worktop in the kitchen. A Sous Vide Stick is the best way to keep you as mobile as possible. The Quickstick is placed in the pot like an immersion heater. A pump is built into the stick. It continuously circulates the water during heating. In addition to different performance levels, the devices differ in the options for setting the temperature. In addition, models with a timer are available. Since a Vacuum Sealer is also required for sous vide cooking, you can obtain an inexpensive set in our shop if desired. To match most kitchens, we have appliances in popular colours such as timeless black and silver or stylish retro red.

Shopping guide for sous vide cookers - the ideal appliance for every kitchen

Especially in small kitchens, there is often no space for a large number of kitchen appliances. We recommend using a space-saving sous vide stick for this purpose. A set is suitable if you do not have a vacuum cleaner in your household. For slow simmering and still keeping an eye on the time, it makes sense to use an appliance with a high wattage. For frequent use on a large scale, a compact freestanding appliance is ideal. Browse our collection to find your favourite one!

Sous Vide Cooker FAQs

What are the characteristics of cooking according to the Sous Vide principle?

The most important feature is the option to independently set the core temperature. Equally remarkable is the prior sealing of the food to create a vacuum.

What is the energy efficiency of sous vide?

It depends on the size of the appliance, its wattage and functional efficiency. You can save a lot of energy compared to cookers and ovens.

How healthy is sous vide?

Basically, sous vide cooking can preserve up to 17% more nutrients. In addition, this method of food preparation saves plenty of fat.
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