Slow Cooker

Inexpensive slow cookers for gentle preparation of delicious dishes

Slow cooking has become a real trend in modern and healthy cuisine. While professional chefs have been praising the slow cooker for a long time, more and more home and hobby cooks are also taking a liking to this contemporary appliance. If you also want to jump on the bandwagon called health-conscious food preparation, then it's now stopping for you in our online shop. See where the journey can take you in this slow cooking portfolio.

What is a slow cooker?

It is a compact appliance that cooks food gently. You can use a slow cooker to prepare meat and vegetables, but also fish. The slow heating process preserves the important nutrients in the food. The same applies to the intensity of the flavours, which unfold most expressively on your tongue with every bite. Furthermore, slow cooking requires hardly any preparation time. Simply chop all the ingredients, seal them in a vacuum bag and put them in the pot. Place the lid on, set the cooking temperature and time and you're ready to go! While the slow cooker is at work, you can continue with your other activities for several hours. The appliance works on its own without any further intervention. Overcooked vegetables are a thing of the past.

Slow cooker in various designs

The appliances are available in numerous sizes and with different capacities. While compact appliances are suitable for singles, seniors and couple households, others have space to feed an entire family of up to nine people. In addition, the various appliances differ in their energy efficiency. It is worth taking a look at the wattage and the energy label. The cooking times can be set in different steps. Moreover, some cooking elements have a special non-stick coating. Equally important are features such as dishwasher suitability and analogue and digital displays.

Shopping guide for slow cookers - how to find the perfect model

If you want a stylish unit with an elegant control panel for your kitchen, a touch-panel appliance is the way to go. For full corrosion protection, a stainless steel slow cooker is the ideal choice. If you want to clean the parts in the dishwasher, it is essential that they are dishwasher-safe. If you prefer to prepare your meals for the whole week, we recommend choosing a family appliance with a capacity of up to 7.5 litres. If you don't have a vacuum sealer yet, simply choose a practical Cooker & Vacuum Sealer Set for your first slow cooking.

Slow Cooker FAQs

How long does it take to prepare a meal in a slow cooker?

The exact time depends on the selected level. Most appliances take between 4 and 8 hours - in other cases, the cooking process can take up to 12 hours.

For who is a slow cooker suitable?

This type of appliance is particularly suitable for health-conscious people. But even if you have larger quantities to stock up on or are planning to entertain a large number of guests, you will find important equipment in a slow cooker.

How energy-efficient are slow cookers?

Basically, a slow cooker saves energy compared to cooking in the oven. It is also important to remember that you can prepare larger quantities in one go. This means that the energy used is optimally utilised.
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