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Espressomaschinen günstig online kaufen

Making an espresso that is both tasty and revitalising is quite a feat. To enjoy it to the full, we recommend you buy an espresso machine. In our range, you'll find the most powerful and exclusive machines at an excellent price-performance ratio - with modern features and elegant designs. From small all-rounders to multifunctional professional machines, you'll find what you're looking for at Electronic Star.

Espresso machine - these are the models to choose from

Espresso machines stand out from conventional coffee machines with their special technology. In addition to single- and dual-circuit machines, you can buy a dual boiler with two kettles. A portafilter espresso machine is just as popular. It works with high pump pressure. The appliances also differ in their capacity, which is specified in watts. Do you want an espresso machine that is small and compact, or a voluminous model that is a stylish centrepiece in your kitchen? You can also take a look at the diverse designs. In our collection, elegant designs alternate with retro models in red or sky blue. Last but not least, an espresso machine with grinder is now available in our online shop.

An espresso machine for that little caffeine kick on the side

Buying an espresso machine is particularly worthwhile if you often receive guests and want to whip up a delicious espresso for them after dinner. Or maybe you like to keep yourself awake with an espresso while working on your laptop or sitting on the couch in the evening. Small espresso machines are perfect for the home office. Create a single or double espresso with one of our machines - just the way you like it.

Shopping advice: espresso machine with grinder or without?

To ensure the freshest beans and a sensational aroma during preparation, an espresso machine with an integrated grinder is a good choice. A portafilter espresso machine is the ideal solution if you want to serve exquisite espresso and entertain a large number of people. If you don't have a worktop in your kitchen, or if you only have a small footprint, we recommend an espresso machine that is small and compact.

To make sure you don't have to do without milk froth with this strong coffee drink, we offer machines with a separate milk frother. For visual elegance in the kitchen, treat yourself to an appliance equipped with a touch panel. For fast heating of the appliance, you should ideally choose one with a high power capacity. Take a look at the high-quality espresso machines in the Electronic Star online shop and have your favourite delivered to your home in no time!

Espresso machines FAQs

What is a dual boiler?

A dual boiler is a portafilter espresso machine that is equipped with two boilers. One prepares hot steam - the other the coffee. The machine brews both on its own.

How much pump pressure is required for a high-performance espresso machine?

High-quality machines have a pressure of about 15 bar. You can buy a particularly powerful machine from renowned manufacturers with 20 bar.

How long do espresso machines take to brew?

Your espresso is prepared by modern machines in seconds with great care. To enjoy the full flavours, a brewing time of 25 to 35 seconds is ideal.
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