Coffee Machines

Buy coffee machines inexpensively online

Find it hard to get going in the morning with a coffee? Then it is clear: a coffee machine is necessary! Whether a stylish model for the chic worktop in your kitchen or a compact device for the break room in the office: You can order a fully automatic coffee machine or a classic one with a thermos flask from Electronic Star at a reasonable price. In addition to no-frills classics, you can also buy a coffee machine from us that prepares more than just coffee.

Coffee machines with grinders for beans and simple filter models

If you prefer a no-frills device, a coffee maker with a thermos can make you happy. Equipped with a simple coffee filter, it is suitable for already ground coffee and keeps it warm over a longer period of time. Alternatively, we offer you the option of buying a fully automatic coffee machine. You can fill this with whole beans, which the device grinds on the spot before brewing. Some models prepare cappuccino and latte macchiato in addition to café crema. These have a special unit for frothing the milk. 2-in-1 devices also have a tea function. A portafilter coffee machine is suitable for preparing espresso.

Coffee machine with a large selection of practical features

While the coffee machine is running, you can use the time to do other things. A practical timer brings the hot drink to perfection. You can also get a device with an automatic switch-off in our online shop. This prevents the heating plate from overheating and minimises the risk of fire. You can also buy a model with a cup warmer in addition to a coffee machine with a thermos flask. This way, your coffee not only tastes better, it also doesn't get stale. Models with an LED display can be operated particularly conveniently thanks to a simple touch of a finger.

Buy a coffee machine - find the perfect model with these tips

Phone calls in the office can take a little longer with a delicious coffee. A coffee machine with a thermos flask saves the hot drink over the lost time. If you prefer the smell of freshly ground beans, you might enjoy a coffee maker with a grinder. A portafilter coffee machine conjures up an espresso or coffee with a fabulous crema. This delights latte macchiato fans with its ultra-fluffy milk froth. Do you want a model with a retro look for your kitchen? A bright red device which comes with a real wow factor is available in our shop. Choose your favourite model!

Coffee machine FAQs

What are the advantages of a coffee machine with a grinder?

With such a device, you can taste the beans very intensely. This is ideal if you like your coffee a little stronger. In addition, each cup of coffee is only prepared when you are ready for a caffeine boost. Maximum freshness is guaranteed.

How do portafilter coffee machines work?

First, they bring the water up to temperature. This is then pressed under high pressure through a sieve filled with ground coffee. Therefore, the pump pressure is essential when choosing a portafilter. Ideally, it should be between 8 and 15 bar.

How difficult is it to clean coffee machines?

If you want to keep your cleaning effort to a minimum, you are well advised to use a classic filter machine. Grinder models require additional maintenance. A delicate touch is required for cleaning the coffee outlets and milk nozzles in particular.
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