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Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans - Fresh air and pleasant coolness

The ceiling fan is an indispensable cooling device of millions of households and offices in this country and contributes to a high level of living comfort throughout the seasons. As a ceiling fan without lighting or with an integrated light source permanently mounted on the ceiling, it provides a fresh breeze and a regular exchange of air in summer.

Ceiling fan with lights and remote control

All ceiling fans have their basic function in common. After being switched on, the rotor blades of the fan start moving and ensure a continuous circulation of the room air. The traditional ceiling fan is switched on and off with a cord, a contemporary variant is the ceiling fan with remote control. It can also be used to influence the speed of the rotating movement, and in the case of a ceiling fan with light, the integrated lights can be controlled separately.

The ceiling fan with light is one of the most popular models, especially as it is mounted centrally on the ceiling and takes the place of the classic ceiling lamp. In most models, the ceiling fan with lighting has a central lamp that directs its light cone downwards and contributes to the basic background lighting of the room. Especially in this variant, the ceiling fan is suitable for winter operation to create a pleasant ambience in the cold and dark season.

As with other electrical appliances and furniture, when buying a fan, pay attention to brand quality, a design ceiling fan contributes to the enhancement of any living atmosphere. With branded goods such as a Klarstein ceiling fan, the highest quality with many attractive functions can be purchased, so that you can rely on the fan's flawless function for years to come. Especially such upscale brand models are almost invariably offered as ceiling fans with remote control.

Advantages of ceiling fans

Ceiling fans are suitable for any room size and can be installed with a few simple steps. For small rooms with low ceilings, a flat ceiling fan is the ideal alternative. Its compact design does not affect the efficiency of the air circulation. As a ceiling fan without lighting or with an integrated light source, economical operation is assured; many brand manufacturers have long since replaced classic light bulbs in their fans with economical LEDs. If you are looking for deliberately economical models when buying, you will find many models online with a manageable output of four watts.

For those who decide against a permanently mounted solution, the ceiling fan becomes a practical and transportable alternative. While in earlier decades the running noise of the rotor was perceived as annoying, the noise level is now very discreet and is hardly noticed after a while.

Due to the central connection to the ceiling, it is often not possible to connect a ceiling lamp next to the ceiling fan. This is unnecessary anyway with a ceiling fan with light, a real design ceiling fan with wooden rotor blades and similar extras becomes a decorative eye-catcher in the same way. Using the ceiling fan in winter mode is also a good way to distribute heating air rising upwards in the room and to enjoy a pleasant warmth with lower heating costs.

Things to consider when buying a ceiling fan

When choosing a ceiling fan, you should consider the size of the room, the style of furnishing and the range of functions. In small private rooms with only a few square metres of floor space, a "Valederama" ceiling fan is often sufficient to ensure even air circulation with manageable performance values. The larger and higher the room, the more powerful the model should be and the further the rotor blades should extend into the centre of the room.

The design of modern fans has adapted to the living preferences of recent years and perfectly matches almost every interior style. Body and rotor blades are made of aluminium, wood or plastic, the shapes of the individual blades range from the classic propeller to sweeping fans. By coating them with chrome or nickel, many fans have a noble and timeless look that perfectly matches the design concept of office spaces.

Especially in this environment, people prefer to invest in brand quality such as the ceiling fans from Klarstein in order to combine performance and design in an exciting way. For private households with a manageable budget, fans can be found that fulfil their function excellently in the kitchen and living room. For more tips on how to choose the right cooling device have a look at our Air Conditioner Buying Guide.

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