Split Air Conditioners

Split air conditioner - efficient for a feeling of freshness

For many people, an air-conditioning system for the home is the ultimate when the thermometer in Central European climes promises tropical temperatures. Within the range of air conditioning devices, modern air-conditioning split units are an excellent choice for cooling down quickly. The following information summarises what the split air-conditioning system is all about and why it is worth buying a split air-conditioning system.

What is a split air conditioner?

The split air conditioner is a split unit that combines two end units. It combines the air conditioner as an outdoor unit with the indoor unit. A refrigerant line connects the two elements together. The air-conditioning system as an indoor unit draws the humid, warm air of the interior into the split air-conditioning system and cools it by means of an evaporator. This process results in condensate, which is discharged through a condensate hose. Supply lines transport the air to the area on the outside façade. The air conditioning unit as a wall unit/indoor unit brings the cooled air back into the room. A refrigerant line transports the refrigerant to the air-conditioning unit as an outdoor unit. A compressor then provides cooling. The released warm air is transported away by the outdoor unit. The air outside the room is conditioned by the split unit.

What are the advantages of an air conditioner as a split unit?

Split units have the advantage that the temperature inside the rooms cools down very quickly and thus a pleasant living environment can be achieved. They are very quiet during operation, efficient and demand-oriented. In addition, several indoor units can be combined with only one outdoor unit. In addition, they are space-saving. Since the integrated compressor is flexible in its power consumption, the unit does not have to be operated at full load. The desired temperature can thus be achieved at a fraction of the maximum output and maintained at a constant level.

An air-conditioning split unit is one third faster than reaching the required interior temperature. Furthermore, it is not necessary to refill refrigerant during normal operation. Split units are capable of cooling an entire flat or the entire house. The prerequisite, however, is that the units are small and powerful. If the air-conditioning split unit is serviced regularly and you do not use it in continuous operation, you will benefit from a long service life.

Can a split unit also be used for heating?

If you decide to buy a split air conditioner, you can achieve a heating capacity that is about 60 % higher than that of an inverter air conditioner with constant compression. The air can be distributed more optimally with the split unit than with standard radiators. Split units also work very cleanly.

For which areas of application are split air conditioners suitable?

In addition to use in private living spaces, air-conditioning split units are excellent for overheated offices. But split air-conditioning units also create a pleasant coolness in doctors' surgeries, therapeutic facilities, public institutions and authorities when heat penetrates into the interior. An air-conditioning split unit can therefore be used both privately and commercially and creates great thermal relief.

Things to consider when buying a split air conditioner

We offer you a selection of powerful split air conditioners in a timeless design. They belong to a high energy efficiency class, work reliably and provide a pleasant climate indoors in no time at all. Order your split air conditioner now and get the absolute freshness kick at Hifi-Tower!

For more tips on how to choose the right cooling device have a look at our Air Conditioner Buying Guide.

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