Black Line 140 Car HiFi Set

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Car Audio HiFi System 'Black Line 140' Subwoofer Amplifier 2800W Set
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Kit your car out with a 2800W sound system.A 2800W 4-channel Auna amplifier delivers bass to the Auna bass box with two10" subwoofers and built-in LED light effect for that perfect discofeeling in your car.

Create a double dose of bass thanks to abridgeable amplifier and twin-bass speaker. Shipped complete with cabling.

The 'Black Line 140' first came into beingin a secret station for bass research with the purpose of beating the weak soundof modern car audio systems. The developers planted two powerful 10"(25cm) subwoofers into the Auna bass speaker's chassis to deliver 1600W ofoutput. The built-in LED light effect makes it perfectly clear just where allthis sound is coming from!

The Auna bass station is backed by apowerful 2800W Auna amplifier and features a computer optmised chassis toensure that no subs from either speaker get in each other's way.

With the cabling already supplied you canstart fitting the set into your car straight out of the box. Get a sense fordrive and dynamics and fix those dull beats with the adjustable high and lowpass filters.

Each individual part of the set is alsoavailable separately

Please note the cables supplied may differfrom the ones displayed

Our support team is happy to put together apersonally tailored car HiFi set upon request.

Set consists of

2X10" Double Subwoofer with LED Light Effect 1600 watts

Product number: 10000013

Included quantity: 1

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Top features:

  • 2 x 10" subwoofer for 1600W Max Power
  • Computer-optimized enclosure
  • 2” voice coil
  • Deep black appearance with neon-blue LED light effect
  • Low-resonance chassis


  • Inputs: 2 x gold-plated stereo screw terminals, 12V input for light effect
  • Sound pressure: 90dB
  • 40 oz magnet
  • Frequency response: 35 Hz to 1000 Hz


  • 65 x 30 x 43cm
  • Weight: approx 15.7 kilograms

AMP-CH04 Car Amplifier 4 Channel 2800W PMPOHifi System

Product number: 10003661

Included quantity: 1

Top features:

  • 4-channel car amplifier with 2800W PMPO. Power - equivalent to 380W RMS
  • High and low level inputs
  • Adjustable low-pass filter
  • Indirect blue LED light effect
  • Resonant black chassis with silver trim strip


  • Connections: 2x High-level input, 2x RCA stereo line input, 4 x stereo speaker output (screw terminals)
  • Control range low-pass filter: 50Hz to 250Hz
  • Adjustable gain
  • X-Over (Full / LPF)
  • Opportunity for the cable remote control
  • Overheating protections
  • Power LED
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Signal to noise ratio:> 95dB
  • Impedance: 4 to 16 ohms
  • Input Sensitivity Line Level: 1 ~ 2 V @ 100 Ohm
  • Input sensitivity low level: 0.1 ~ 1V @ 10k
  • Power supply: 14.4 V


  • 35 x 6 x 26cm
  • Weight: approximately 3.2 kg

Car Wiring Kit - Car Hifi Cable

Product number: 10002022

Included quantity: 1

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Top features:


All the cables you need to get great sound on the move!

Complete wiring kit for car hifi amps including power and speaker cables with all connectors.

  • 6 meters power cable - 8 Gauge, 10mm ²
  • 1.2 m ground cable - 8 Gauge, 10mm ²
  • 6 meter remote control cable - 18 Gauge, 1mm ²
  • 6-meter speaker cables - 12 Gauge, 4mm ² with 90 ° angled RCA plugs (on one end) - gold plated connectors
  • 6 meter RCA signal cable
  • 1.8 meters Cable Management
  • 60 amps AGU fuse – gold plated, waterproof
  • Complete with cable ties and safety guides


Customer opinions
From 1 Customer
From Jason Rated at 07.03.2013

Great little kit, Sub has more than enough bass. Also looks pretty cool with the lights on it. Amps great too, bought some 6x9s from here to go into it as well.

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Black Line 140 Car HiFi Set
£ 189.97 £ 169.99
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