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Animal Houses

Animal houses - Create a haven for native animals in your garden

Animal houses make fascinating and useful additions to any garden or outdoor space. They serve as a shelter, food source or breeding ground for various animals, helping to promote biodiversity and the natural balance in our environment. Now you will learn everything you need to know about the different types of animal houses, their functions and how to choose the right animal house for your needs. We will also answer frequently asked questions about animal houses.

These types of animal houses are available

There are a variety of animal houses that vary in form, function, and the animals they are designed for. Some of the most well-known and popular types include the universal animal shelter, the bird house, the squirrel feeder, the insect hotel, and the hedgehog house.

How to use an animal house

A universal animal shelter serves as a shelter for various animals such as birds, squirrels or insects. It offers protection against the weather and predators and can help to maintain the ecological balance in the garden. A bird house is specially designed for birds and serves as a nesting place or feeding place. Squirrel feeders are designed to give small rodents easy access to food while keeping curious birds away. Insect hotels are diverse habitats for a variety of insects, such as bees, beetles or butterflies. They contribute to the promotion of biodiversity and pollination of plants. Hedgehog houses offer prickly garden dwellers a safe shelter where they can hibernate and protect themselves from predators.

Buying an animal house - what to pay attention to when buying

When choosing the right animal house, you should first consider which animal species you want to encourage in your garden or outside area. For example, if you want to offer birds a place to nest, a bird house is the right choice. However, if you want to support squirrels, a squirrel feeder is recommended. Also consider the size of your yard and the space available for the house. Make sure that the model you choose is weatherproof, sturdy and easy to clean. For insect hotels, it is important to set them up in a suitable location that meets the needs of the insect species in question. Hedgehog houses should be well insulated and placed in a sheltered spot in the garden so that the hedgehogs can hibernate undisturbed.


What material is best for animal houses?

Wood is a commonly used and recommended material for animal houses as it is natural, breathable and durable. Make sure that the wood is untreated or treated with environmentally-friendly paints and varnishes so as not to harm the animals.

Where should I put a house for animals?

The placement of an animal house depends on the type of housing and the needs of the animals. In general, the house should be placed in a quiet, sheltered spot, sheltered from wind, rain and direct sunlight. Bird houses should be placed near trees or shrubs, while insect hotels should be placed in a sunny spot sheltered from the wind.

How do I clean and care for the housing?

Cleaning and maintaining animal houses is important to prevent disease and provide a clean home for animals. Regularly remove old food and droppings from the house and clean with a brush and warm water. Do not use chemical cleaning agents as these can be harmful to the animals. Also check the animal house for damage and repair it to ensure the safety and comfort of the animals.

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