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Installation Speakers

The be-all and end-all of the acoustic experience: A deep insight into the world of HiFi installation speakers

The room fills with the sounds of Beethoven's 5th symphony, and suddenly it seems as if the orchestra is right in the room with you. A dream that becomes reality with the right installation speaker. These acoustic marvels provide an impressive sonority and crystal clear tones that fill the room and create an unparalleled listening experience.

Different types of HiFi installation speakers: choose your sound

The core range of HiFi installation speakers includes conventional wall and ceiling installation speakers. In-wall speakers are ideal for rooms where you want room-filling, rich sound. They are discreetly hidden in the wall and offer breathtaking sound quality. Installation speakers on the ceiling, on the other hand, are the first choice for lovers of surround sound. They create an enveloping sound field that fills every corner of the room with sound and enables a cinematic experience in your own home.

For deep, resonant bass and a complete listening experience, subwoofer installation variants that can be seamlessly integrated into the room structure are recommended. There are also special outdoor installation speakers that are weatherproof and turn the outside area into a melodic oasis. From discreet stereo speakers for subtle background music to powerful models for high-quality audio systems, there is something for every taste.

Installation speakers: Tailor-made sound for your rooms

Speakers are more than just acoustic devices. They are used for various purposes, from home cinema to the audio book experience to pure music enjoyment. With the right placement and adjustment, amazing soundscapes can be created, transforming the room into a living, immersive world of sound. Some models also offer advanced features like built-in amplifiers, WiFi connectivity, and even voice control.

Some high-end in-wall speakers allow for a sound personalisation option, which allows you to adjust the acoustic characteristics to your individual preferences. There are also models with directional sound technology that target the sound in a specific direction to ensure optimal sound distribution. These speakers can also be integrated into an existing smart home system, giving you convenient remote control and synchronisation with other smart devices.

Buy installation speakers: Redefine the sound quality

When buying HiFi installation speakers, you should consider your specific needs and the nature of the room. While in-wall speakers are good for smaller rooms, in-ceiling speakers can create an overwhelming sound experience in larger rooms. Also look out for advanced features that could improve your listening experience, like built-in amplifiers or voice control. Finally, installation capability should not be overlooked. Choose a model that can be easily integrated into your wall or ceiling for the best possible sound.


After buying installation speakers, can I install them myself?

Yes, with a little manual skill and the right tools, the installation is quite feasible.

What cable length do I need for the installation?

The length of cable you need depends on the size of your room and the positioning of the speakers. It is advisable to buy a little more cable to give yourself some wiggle room.

Are there wireless HiFi installation speakers?

Yes, there are models with WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity that can go wireless. Note, however, that a power source is required.
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