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auna MIC-900G USB Microphone Set V4 Condenser Microphone Pop Shield Microphone Arm gold

The home studio set: Intercom USB condenser microphone, pop shield and a quick-install microphone arm for home recording.

Microphone: Plug & Play compatible with Windows and Mac computers, including a shock mount with a threaded adapter, USB cable and convenient protective pouch.

Microphone arm: Uncomplicated mounting on desks or shelves by means of a clamping screw; High load capacity 1.5 kg; Includes a microphone holder.

The fast and uncomplicated way to the home recording studio:The auna MIC-900G USB microphone set V4 has an auna condenser microphone MIC-900G, a pop shield as well as a microphone arm.

The auna MIC-900G condenser microphone is designed for digital applications. It is connected to a PC or laptop via a USB cable and is ready for use immediately thanks to Plug & Play. Specializing in speech and vocals, it offers a sample rate of 16 bit / 48 kHz and a balanced cardioid response, recordings in the best sound quality for audio mastering in song production, podcasts, as well as presentations for your own radio stream.

The included shock mount is used to mount the auna MIC-900G. The nylon covering reduces resonant sound vibrations and noise on the housing. With a 5/8" thread and a 3/8" adapter, the mount can be easily mounted on a commercially available microphone stand. The robust metal chassis and the sturdy steel basket promise a special durability, even with frequent transport. The latter gives the 16 mm electret microphone capsule special protection.

The 16 cm Malone POP-1 pop shield, which filters out unwanted background noise, ensures a particularly high quality of voice recording.

The foldable, easy-to-use Malone ST-1.2 microphone stand helps you quickly so you can easily adjust the microphone. Quickly collapsed, it fits in every pocket and in only a few steps set up. All it needs is a table edge or a shelf on which it is clamped by means of a quick-release screw.

It was never easy to become a part of the modern world of showbizz! Working like the professionals with the auna MIC-900G USB microphone set V4!

Product details


  • Microphone set: USB condenser microphone, pop shield and microphone arm for fast, professional sound recording at home
  • USB condenser microphone with pronounced cardioid characteristics - ideal for speech and vocal recording in a solid metal housing with integrated 16mm electret microphone capsule
  • Plug & Play support on Windows and Mac, incl. a shock mount with a 3/8 "to 5/8" thread adapter, USB cable and protective pouch
  • Microphone arm with perfect holding characteristics (loadable up to 1.5 KG) in an appealingly simple design
  • Includes a pop shield to reduce unwanted noise


  • 1 x microphone
  • 1 x shock mount
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x threaded adapter (3/8 "- 5/8")
  • 1 x protective pouch
  • 1 x microphone stand
  • 1 x microphone holder
  • 1 x pop shield
  • Operating instructions in English (other languages: German)


  • Microphone: 16.5 x Ø 5 cm (H x Ø)
  • Microphone shock mount: 9 x 9 x 6 cm (WxHxD)
  • Dimensions of microphone arm: approx. 35 x 35 cm (vertical x horizontal)
  • Cable length: approx. 3 meters
  • Diameter of pop shield: 16 cm
  • Length of the neck of  the pop shield: 35 cm
  • Weight of microphone: approx. 295 g
  • Weight of shock mount: approx. 180 g
  • Weight of microphone arm: approx. 500 g
  • Weight of pop shield: approx. 205 g


auna MIC-900G Condenser Microphone: 

  • Connection: 1 x USB interface (Type B)
  • Frequency range: 30 Hz - 18 kHz
  • Sample rate: 16 bit/48 kHz
  • Sensitivity: - 32 dB
  • Power supply: via USB

Malone POP-1 Microphone Pop Shield:

  • Black microphone pop shield with a 16cm diameter
  • Optimal positioning thanks to a flexible 35cm swan neck
  • Wide meshed nylon covering with 2 layers
  • Suppresses noise generated by the articulation of B- and P-sounds
  • Easy mounting on the tripod
  • High quality acoustic filter
  • Ideal protection for hardware and audio signal
  • Material: plastic, nylon, metal
  • Color: Black

Malone ST-1.2 Mikrofonarm:

  • Perfect for vocal recordings, podcasts, gaming
  • Stable position due to tension springs
  • Lightweight for comfortable transport
  • Can also be used for fastening lamps
  • Clamping screw fastening for mounting on tabletops or shelves

Operating instructions

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auna MIC-900G USB Microphone Set V4 Condenser Microphone Pop Shield Microphone Arm gold

  • 3-piece set: USB condenser microphone, pop shield and microphone arm 
  • Ideal for usage in home studios
  • simple and easy installation, Plug & Play support 
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