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Klarstein Fruizooka Mixer Smoothie Maker 4-in-1 Multifunctional Device 220W Black

Versatile 4-in-1 multifunctional device with 220W power for mixing, grinding, crushing or juicing.

Including a cross blade, a flate blade, a chopper attachment and a centrifugal juicer.

Wide range of accessories: one large and a small blender cup with lid, blender jug, filter cartridge and a shredder.

Ambitious kitchen helper seeks passionate user! With the Klarstein Fruizooka Multifunctional mixer, your kitchen gets a gifted helper who is wholeheartedly committed to mixing, grinding, crushing and juicing. Whether you want to chop healthy fruit and vegetables, fragrant herbs, aromatic coffee, nuts or meat, or want to produce fresh, healthy smoothies and fruit juices, the Fruizooka’s extensive mixer set ensures that you always have the right tool at hand.

‘Compact all-rounder for freshly-prepared food and a healthy diet.’

The 220W powerful motor crushes everything that is placed into the blender cup either as a blender or smoothie maker (with 4-blade cross attachment), as a mill (with a flat-blade grinder), or with its chopper attachment. Two speeds and a pulse function are at your disposal, which may be easily and simply selected using a dial on the device base. But the functionality is not yet exhausted: for the preparation of tasty and healthy juices, a filter can be placed in the blender pitcher which turns the device into a centrifugal juicer in no time. To make this function even easier, the filter insert has its own plunger and a small measuring cup.

‘Wealth of variety for home and away.’

Depending on the quantity of the ingredients to be cut, the Klarstein Fruizooka blender may be used with a small 200ml blender cup, a large 400ml blender cup, and a blender jar with 1000ml capacity. Both blender cups have lids, which are ready to transform them into practical storage containers to keep your kitchen creations fresh and make them transportable without having to make any cumbersome transfers. Even cleaning is not a drag: the device base and blade attachments can be easily cleaned, while cups and lids may be washed in the dishwasher.

With its small dimensions, the stand mixer blender can find a place in virtually every kitchen, enriching your eating habit with a fresh and varied diet.

Product details


  • Multifunctional 4-in-1 stand mixer for mixing, crushing, grinding and juicing
  • Quiet 220W motor with two speeds and pulse function
  • Extensive accessories: blender / smoothie maker attachment, mill tower, chopper attachment and centrifugal juicer attachment 
  • Three different sized blender jars for different types of preparation 
  • Insertable filter for removing pulp or for the production of soy milk


  • 1 x device base
  • 1 x cross blade attachment
  • 1 x grinder
  • 1 x shredder lid
  • 1 x shredder knife
  • 1 x shredder bowl
  • 1 x large blender cup
  • 1 x small blender cup
  • 2 x lids
  • 1 x mixer jug
  • 1 x filter
  • 1 x plunger
  • 1 x cover
  • 1 x closing cap with measuring cup
  • 1 x English user manual (other languages: German, Italian, Spanish)


  • Dimensions (device base): 12 x 17 cm (ØxH)
  • Dimensions (large blender cup): 9 x 15 cm (ØxH)
  • Dimensions (small blender cup): 9 x 10 cm (ØxH)
  • Dimensions (mixing jug): 19 x 18.5 cm (ØxH)
  • Dimensions (lid): 9 x 1.5 cm (ØxH)
  • Dimensions (cross blade attachment): 9 x 5 cm (ØxH)
  • Dimensions (flat blade attachment): 9 x 4 cm (ØxH)
  • Dimensions (shredder attachment): 14 x 13.5 cm (ØxH)
  • Dimensions (filter insert): 8 x 17 cm (ØxH)
  • Dimensions (cover): 12 x 3 cm (ØxH)
  • Dimensions (plunger): 7 x 18 cm (ØxH)
  • Cable length: about 1.20 m
  • Weight (device base): about 1 kg
  • Weight (large blender cup): about 110 g
  • Weight (small blender cup): about 75 g
  • Weight (mixer pitcher): about 225 g
  • Weight (filter insert): about 70g
  • Weight (cover): about 40 g
  • Weight (ram): about 60 g
  • Weight (lid): about 20 g
  • Weight (cross blade attachment): about 110 g
  • Weight (flat blade attachment): about 100 g
  • Weight (chopper attachment): about 360 g


  • Cross blade: ideal for chopping, mixing, stirring, grinding and pureeing
  • Flat blade: ideal for grinding, chopping, beating, whipping
  • Crusher: ideal for finely chopping herbs, onion or garlic
  • Volume mixer pitcher: 1000ml
  • Volume large blender cup: 400ml
  • Volume small blender cups: 200ml
  • Operation via LED-illuminated knob
  • Screw-cap for keeping cup contents fresh and easy transport 
  • Accessory parts are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning
  • Space-saving dimensions: fits in any kitchen
  • Secure positioning via non-slip rubber feet
  • Power supply: 230V, 50Hz

Operating instructions

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Klarstein Fruizooka Mixer Smoothie Maker 4-in-1 Multifunctional Device 220W Black

  • Multifunctional 4-in-1 blender
  • Quiet 220W motor
  • Extensive accessories
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