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Powerful installation speakers to add that extra bass

With installation speakers you get amazing sound quality without taking up any space. In wall speakers and ceiling speakers pump out your favourite tracks, but without using up any room at all. They are perfect for any type of venue, whether that is your house, pub or club. In-wall speakers are very adaptable too; they come in a variety of different shapes and sizes and are easy to assemble and put together.

If you ever need that extra burst of volume when you are watching an action film or sporting match then we have the perfect ceiling speakers for you at our online shop. Check out our great range of ceiling speakers UK, and find the installation speakers to suit your needs! These can also being incorporated with record players for that ultimate party! Just because installation speakers aren’t freestanding does not mean they cannot produce incredible sounds, they are able to punch way above their weight in terms of sound volume and power! Walls and ceilings up and down the country will feel the full force of in wall speakers once they are cranked up to full volume. There simply is no denying the massive sound that can be created with one of our installation speakers collection, especially our in ceiling speakers range which conjures up an incredible sound. The sheer power and reliability of these in wall speakers makes them a must buy purchase for any household, pub or restaurant. The sensational audible music produced with the ceiling speakers, together with disco balls can truly bring any social occasion to life! These installation speakers should be accompanied with our great range of DMX lights, these create the perfect ambience and atmosphere needed for every venue.