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Hyundai Multicav Surround Sound Speaker Set 1150 Watts MAX

Hyundai Multicav Surround Sound Speaker Set 1150 Watts MAX

Oscar winning home cinema surround sound at an amazing price!

Hyundai have long held a reputation for building quality products at excellent prices and this surround sound speaker system is no exception. When connected to a compatible amplifier these speakers will truly bring your movies to life in full surround sound splendour.

The two towering 3-way front speakers, the 3-way centre speaker and two 2-way rear speakers bring together a total of 335W RMS power output, guaranteeing an Oscar winning performance! The kit comes complete with speaker cables and is easy to connect to your surround sound amplifier. The two satellite speakers are also suitable for wall mounting.

For compatible Surround Sound amplifiers and sub woofers please see the other items in our shop.

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  • 335W RMS total power output (3 x 50W + 2 x 180W) - equivalent to 1150W max.
  • Rear speakers suitable for wall mounting - mounting hardware not included
  • Removable front grills
  • Neutral design, blends in effortlessly with your existing equipment and furniture.


  • 1 x Center speaker
  • 2 x Front speakers
  • 2 x Rear speakers
  • Please note: speaker cable may not be included.


  • 20 x 86 x 24cm (front speakers)
  • 40.5 x 14.5 x 13cm (center speaker)
  • 15 x 23 x 14cm (rear speakers)
  • Front Speaker Weight: approx 7kg each
  • Center Speaker Weight: 2.1 kilograms
  • Rear Speaker Weight: approx 1.2 kg each


  • 2-way centre speaker with 2 x 10 cm woofers and a Neodymium Tweeters
  • 2-way satellite speakers with 10cm woofers and Neodymium Tweeters
  • 3-way Floor standing speakers with 16cm woofer, 16cm and mid range and Neodymium Tweeter
  • Impedance center and rear speakers: 4 to 8 Ohm
  • Front speaker impedance: 4 Ohm
  • Frequency Response Center and Satellite Speakers: 80Hz to 20kHz
  • Front speaker frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz
  • Connections: Center Speaker: clip connectors, Rear satellite speakers: clip connectors, Front speaker connections: screw terminals

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of Tim Cranley reviewed on 12/08/2013

This is the first time I've reviewed an audio product, so bear with me.

I bought these speakers as a budget solution when putting together a system which I was looking to replace my Logitech X540 5.1 surrouds. I was skeptical, as were many, as the price was unbelievably low, but my skepticism was proven wrong at the first tone from these speakers.

I have heard many systems of much greater price and from much more reputable brands. I can only say that these speakers, prices aside, do not dissapoint in any way, and compared to anything in their price range, are practically unbeatable. I, myself, have thus far only tested them using a Wharfdale amp which I had connected to a different system and even though they were using half of their RMS wattage, the volume and clarity was simply mind-numbingly good from both the front towers and the surrounds.

I'm afraid to suffix any of these statements with 'for such a cheap system' or 'such a budget setup' as you should not let the price of these speakers deter you - they are very good when it comes to both positioning and overall clarity. The highs are ear-piercingly good (not in a bad way), even at decent volume. The mids have a nice amount of 'OOMF' without being muddied up by the over-compensated boominess assocaited with many low-end floor standers, and the bass is surprisingly good and has quite a clear punch for such a system, but does benefit from a subwoofer for getting those low, rumbling tones in movies or games, and in very heavy music.

Regarding recommendations on amplifiers, the surround a centre speakers have, in fact, an RMS rating of 25W. If you were to buy a relatively cheap amplifier, no more than a 500W amp, you would surely get more than enough power to these speakers to fill a large room with crisp, satisfying sound.

In conclusion, if you are thinking of purchasing these speakers, just do it. For this price you will simply be unable to find anything which comes close, and as long as the size of the floor-standers isn't an issues, they should do the job for music, movies and gaming brilliantly!

As I stated before; this is my first time reviewing such a product, so I hope that this helps you decide on what to buy and what not to buy.

Also, thanks to Hi-Fi Tower for the excellent delivery times; got this whole system shipped from Germany to Ireland in three working days for a total fee of ZERO euros. Five stars!

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of jozef reviewed on 22/09/2010

excellent product crystal clear sounds amazing what this speakers can do they are old school looking but with a modern sound i highly reccomend these speakers to anyone especially for that price as you wont find better thank you

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Hyundai Multicav Surround Sound Speaker Set 1150 Watts MAX

  • 335W RMS total power output (3 x 50W + 2 x 180W) - equivalent to 1150W max.
  • Rear speakers suitable for wall mounting - mounting hardware not included
  • Removable front grills
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