Whirlwind 3-in-1 Fan Air Cooler Humidifier

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Top features
  • 3-in-1 efficiency: fan, air cooler and humidifier in one
  • Targeted refreshment: pleasant, body-directed cooling with every activity
  • Stiff breeze: three wind speeds with up to 1600 m³ / h air flow

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Whirlwind 3-in-1 Fan Air Cooler Humidifier 5.5L 90W

3-in-1 efficiency: mobile air cooler, fan and humidifier in one device with remote control for easy control.

Whirlwind: powerful fan with three speeds for air circulation of up to 1600 m³ in one hour.

Cool breeze: air cooler with 5.5-litre tank and two cooling batteries for energy-saving cooling of the air flow.

Fresh sea breeze! The Klarstein Whirlwind 3-in-1 air cooler ensures a clear, cooled air flow on hot summer days. With a fan, air cooler and humidifier, you can be refreshed with pinpoint accuracy, whether at your desk, on the couch or in the kitchen.

‘Keep your cool - cooling off at the push of a button.’

Three speeds with an air circulation of up to 1600 m³ per hour bring sluggish summer air into motion. The switchable oscillation ensures that more than one person can enjoy the air flow. In addition, the Whirlwind features three different operating modes, e.g. the natural mode, in which the air flow swells up and down like natural wind. That means fresh breeze for fresh ideas.

‘Clean solution - finally breathe freely again.’

To improve the refreshing effect, the Klarstein Whirlwind also has a switchable air cooler. With water from the 5.5-litre tank, the air drawn in is cooled by evaporation and additionally humidified. As a result, the device refreshes in a natural and economical way. The practical timer function enables time-based use, which also protects the pocketbook. And thanks to the air humidification, the Whirlwind is a useful addition to the home or office even in winter, as it provides troubled mucous membranes with relief from dry heated air.

‘Fresh atmosphere wherever you want.’

Thanks to the pre-assembled base rollers, the air cooler can be easily moved and is therefore very flexible to use. The Whirlwind is not only convincing in terms of performance, it is also visually an asset for every installation site. The housing design exudes an elegant charm and is able to skillfully round off both modern and classic living and working environments.

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Product details

Top features:

  • 3-in-1 efficiency: fan, air cooler and humidifier in one
  • Targeted refreshment: pleasant, body-directed cooling with every activity
  • Stiff breeze: three wind speeds with up to 1600 m³ / h air flow
  • Cool for hours: two interchangeable cold packs and a 5.5-litre water tank
  • In every corner: switchable 360 ° oscillation for optimal ventilation
  • Mobile & convenient: includes remote control for easy control and floor rollers for easy repositioning


  • Operating modes: normal, night mode, natural mode
  • Natural mode: increasing and decreasing ventilation speed to simulate natural wind
  • Night mode: like natural mode with hourly reduction of the max. speed until shutdown
  • Timer: 0.5 hour cycle; adjustable between 0.5 and 7.5 hours
  • 5.5-litre water tank for long cooling performance without refilling
  • LED display with self-explanatory symbol display
  • 6-button operating section on the top
  • Ice packs to increase cooling performance
  • Removable water tank
  • Washable dust filter
  • Washable honeycomb evaporator plate
  • Water level indicator on the front
  • Four 360 ° floor rollers for easy positioning
  • Side carrying recesses
  • Cable management
  • Remote control depot
  • Max. operating noise: 65 dB
  • Power consumption: 90 W.
  • Power supply remote control: 1 x CR2032 battery
  • Power supply: 220-240 V ~, 50 Hz

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x device
  • 1 x remote control
  • 2 x ice packs
  • Multilingual instruction manual


  • Dimensions: 41 x 90 x 27 cm (WxHxD)
  • Cable length: 2.10 m
  • Weight: about 9 kg

Customer opinions

From 8 Customer
From Amazon user Rated at 11.08.2021
Tested review

A super device! Does exactly what it is supposed to do, create a pleasant indoor climate. I took the air cooler to the office because we have dry air in the office. Now the air quality is really great, you can really breathe. The unit cleans and humidifies the air. Really great. The adjustment of the air cooler is self-explanatory and very simple, you don't have to spend hours reading the instructions. Thanks to its compact shape, the cooler can be placed in any corner. A clear buy recommendation for the room cooler.

From Amazon user Rated at 18.07.2021
Tested review

Arrived well packaged, no additional assembly required, with remote control and the operating instructions are understandable
Visually I find the device well done, from the performance it is very good, blows neatly and is not too loud, it also looks very good when you turn on the rotation, then the black front rotates in a circle (both directions possible) Filling water is also easy without having to disassemble much, it cools the room when it is too hot and increases the humidity which is good even in winter by the dry heating air.
All in all, I like the device very much for the price, gladly again.

From Amazon user Rated at 22.06.2021
Tested review

We decided to use the air cooler or fan because it is always very hot upstairs in the summer.
The design is really beautiful and the assembly was very easy. The fan is mounted on rollers. The operation is very easy, fill in water (up to 5.5 litres capacity) and you are ready to go. The remote control is also clever, as you can switch it off from bed :-)
The 360 degree rotation is ingenious and you can adjust it very well.
We also chose it because it removes dust and dirt particles from the air.
In midsummer it is possible to insert ice batteries, I have not yet been able to test this, but I assume that it will also work smoothly.

From Amazon user Rated at 10.06.2021
Tested review

Simply a great product! After I had already tried out an air cooler from Klarstein, I was so satisfied that I also bought this one to give to my parents.
They are completely thrilled with him and are now well prepared for the summer! I can only recommend this to everyone!

From Amazon user Rated at 26.04.2021
Tested review

4-in-1: air cooler, fan, humidifier and air purifier There's no better way to imagine too-warm summer days!
I can't wait to feel the cool atmosphere in summer, both outdoors and indoors. The timer also enables economical use and is easy on the wallet! This 3-1 product has my recommendation :)

From Amazon user Rated at 18.03.2021
Tested review

Great appliance for the first hot days. I was sceptical about the water system, but it actually works pretty well! Remote control is great,
i love that I can roll it around - in general, I'm very happy with this purchase.

From Amazon user Rated at 16.03.2021
Tested review

I bought the Klarstein Whirlwind to keep my rather large living room in the normal temperature range.
The look is very convincing and fits perfectly into the picture of my living room. The energy-saving operation was a decisive factor in this purchase, along with the fairly low-noise mode of operation. I was not disappointed. Very effective way of working and the unit does what it is supposed to. Slightly humidify and discreetly cool down the room air. I am very satisfied and can unreservedly recommend the device, also because of its uncomplicated operation, and am happy to award it 5 stars.

From Amazon user Rated at 10.03.2021
Tested review

I got the Klarstein Whirlwind because I was looking for a fan with a lot of power.
In a large room, normal fans just go under and they don't do anything, but the Klarstein Whirlwind brings enough power. As soon as I unpacked it, I noticed that the Whirlwind is easy to transport despite its size. I plugged it in straight away and tried it out and was thrilled with the performance. It has 3 levels and already the first one outperforms other fans by far. I use the second stage in the large living room, as this is completely sufficient and the whirlwind distributes the air very pleasantly in the room due to the rotating circulation. You can also easily fill the whirlwind with water to increase the humidity in the room and additionally cool the escaping air of the whirlwind with the enclosed cooling packs.

Customer opinions

Whirlwind 3-in-1 Fan Air Cooler Humidifier

  • 3-in-1 efficiency: fan, air cooler and humidifier in one
  • Targeted refreshment: pleasant, body-directed cooling with every activity
  • Stiff breeze: three wind speeds with up to 1600 m³ / h air flow
£ 189.99 £ 139.99
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