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Glass Ceramic Hobs

Buying a glass ceramic hob online - high-quality models in attractive designs

When it comes to choosing a hob for the stove or deciding on a portable hotplate, the question is how the hotplate can be operated. If you don't want to use gas, you can buy a glass-ceramic hob and prepare your meals electrically. A ceramic field is also suitable for mobile use in numerous outdoor activities. Find out here what advantages a ceramic hob has to offer and how you can find the right glass ceramic hob.

Features of a ceramic hob - what's behind the modern solution for hobs

A glass ceramic hob is also known as a Ceran hob. This is a fusion of glassy and polycrystalline elements. Schott - a renowned manufacturer of glass ceramic hobs - has had the Ceran name legally protected. In our online shop you can exclusively order glass ceramic hobs from manufacturers such as Klarstein.

Glass ceramic hob with a wide range of powerful features

Ceramic hotplates are available with 2 to 5 zones. Duo hobs have a compact format. With a larger number of hobs, the entire construction is usually square and fits perfectly with a classic electric stove. Some versions include overheating protection and automatic switch-off. If the hotplate gets too hot, the ceramic hob switches off automatically. Smaller glass ceramic hobs have a capacity of around 2,400 watts. A ceramic hotplate is available with up to 6,500 watts. You can get hobs with a medium power level with around 3,500 watts. You also have the choice between a glass ceramic hob with a rotary control or a touch panel. With a timer built into the model, you can save yourself having to set a clock separately.

Buying a glass ceramic hob - the perfect choice

Are you looking for a powerful solution that can heat 5 pots at the same time? A built-in hob for your kitchen stove is a suitable example. If you only want to heat up meals in the garden shed or when camping, you can opt for a duo model. Very flat and linear designs are particularly easy to clean. Neutral colours like black suit every kitchen. However, if you are looking for an extraordinary glass ceramic hob, you can buy a model in white or silver.

Take a look at our exquisite collection of glass ceramic hobs and choose the one that best suits your needs!


How can Ceran and glass ceramic be differentiated?

Ceran is a glass ceramic with its own brand name. Behind it is the manufacturer Schott. The brand name is registered, protected and may therefore not be used for other glass ceramics.

Which pots and pans can be used to prepare meals on a glass ceramic hob?

Unlike induction hobs, you can use any commercially available, non-induction-capable pot or pan with a glass-ceramic hob. Glass ceramic hotplates are therefore also an ideal retrofit solution.

How can you tell if glass ceramic hobs are still hot?

When the hob is in operation, red rings can be seen below the surface. Innovative models indicate when such a hob has not yet cooled sufficiently.

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