Cooker Hood Filters

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Cooker Hood Filters

Cooker hood filters - order practical, custom-fit replacement filters online

Filters should be replaced regularly: This is the nature of the beast, because after a while, the filter will eventually get saturated and will be unable to fulfil its duties in a satisfactory way, especially with frequent use. At this point at the latest, it will be time to buy a new cooker hood filter. Here you will find many custom-fit spare parts and filters in other common sizes.

Consider the different types of cooker hood filters

The filters used in an extractor hood perform two tasks: On the one hand, they eliminate odours that arise during cooking, on the other hand, they suck off grease particles that have accumulated in the air so that they do not settle as a greasy film on surrounding furniture and surfaces. Both have in common that they should be cleaned regularly and, if necessary, replaced when they are completely worn out.

The activated carbon filter of the cooker hood takes care of eliminating odours. The natural, odour-neutralizing properties of activated carbon are used - which is also a natural substance. The filter is easily recognisable by its black surface, which is a natural result of the activated carbon used. Typically, activated carbon filters are replaced at least once a year.

The grease filter of the extractor hood, on the other hand, should neutralise and bind grease particles in the air. As a result, they do not reach surfaces unhindered. You can choose between different materials for grease filters:

  • paper
  • fleece
  • or metal

Simple grease filters made from consumables, such as paper, must be replaced regularly. A metal filter, on the other hand, only needs to be replaced if deposits that can no longer be washed off become lodged there or if it is worn out in some other way. Metal filters should ideally be thoroughly cleaned every four weeks, but at the latest every six weeks. Most manufacturers even allow you to do this conveniently in the dishwasher.

What to pay attention to when buying a filter for the extractor hood

First of all, the most important criterion: The filter must of course fit into the device. There is no standard in this regard, so you either have to measure the filter currently in use or buy a manufacturer-specific replacement product directly - such as from manufacturers like Klarstein. Of course, they are also compatible with extractor hoods from other manufacturers, provided the filters are the same size. Normally, filters are always rectangular, flat products, although there are rare exceptions to this.

The colour of the filter is another property that doesn't play a significant role in practice, since you won't see the filter anyway. There are variants in silver/grey, black or white. You can browse through our range of cooker hood filters online, select the right products for you and have them conveniently delivered to your front door!


How can you tell if a cooker hood filter is worn out?

If odours remain in the kitchen for a long time despite the cooker hood being switched on, or if a film of grease builds up everywhere after roasting, the filter is most likely worn out - then it needs to be replaced, otherwise the extractor hood can no longer work efficiently.

Why is an activated carbon filter for the cooker hood so good?

The activated carbon can reduce the air flow rate. Less exhaust air is therefore required to neutralise the same amount of odour particles.

How do you clean the cooker hood grease filter?

With a power cleaner in the dishwasher, or alternatively by hand with a sufficiently efficient detergent. It is advisable to soak the filter in hot water beforehand.
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