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Bella Argentea 2G Stand Mixer

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Top features
  • Quiet, extremely powerful food processor / kneading machine
  • 6-stage adjustable working speed
  • 5.2 litre bowl made of unbreakable glass

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Bella Argentea 2G Kitchen Machine 1200W 2.5 / 5 Litre Glass Bowl Silver

Multifunctional kitchen machine of the 2nd generation with planetary stirring system and 1200 W power in 6 steps as well as pulse function.

The KLARSTEIN planetary stirring system works by rotating the agitators around their own axis and simultaneously along the bowl edge. The mass is thus constantly pushed into the middle, which guarantees a perfect stirring or kneading result.

Crystal clear: 5 litre glass bowl with a practical handle and 3-piece tool set: mixing and kneading hooks as well as a whisk.

Quality comes from being able. It’s great to know you have a competent all-rounder at your side. Whoever values quality in the preparation of their food knows how important it is to have the best, most suitable and perfect tool. And since perfection never stops, the KLARSTEIN Bella Argentea Stand Mixer has now been improved and presents itself as a second-generation kitchen tool. Even faster, easier and more reliable, so that food is processed and prepared exactly as perfectly as you would expect from a professional kitchen helper.

'Real taste with easy handling!'

Based on feedback from customers, the large mixing bowl with a volume of 5 litres is now completely made of robust, break-resistant glass. Up to 2.5 litres of dough can be stirred or kneaded at once. And for easy handling of all agitators, there is also a grippy handle available.

‘Knowing that you have a true professional at your side makes cooking even better.’

Perhaps because of the low price, it may be hard to believe that the many rave reviews can be true. But even so we won’t make the product more expensive. We’re sticking by it: something can only be really good if the price is really good too.

‘Easy, fast and robust - the SUV of Stand Mixers.’

Via the quick-clamping system, the Stand Mixer changes its task in no time. Use the dough hook one minute for kneading dough, and then the stirring hook the next minute for mixing tomato soup. Or use the whisk for the preparation of desserts. Not only will you be blown away by the variety, you will also be impressed by how quickly you can change back and forth in production.

‘6 power levels always have the right touch.’

Kneading, pureeing, beating, stirring, mixing…the experienced cook knows that each process has its own speed and specific intensity. Therefore there are 6 power levels to meet every operational need. 6 different speeds, doing exactly what they should do.

‘Variety in shape, colour and function, for all of those who don’t think of their kitchen merely as a place to cook, but also a living space.’

Design and color are based on the functions. However, they also take into account that the Klarstein Stand Mixer should find its place in modern and young kitchens, in which many things are cooked, eaten, celebrated and danced. In a good kitchen, there is always something going on. After all, it is the place where a long evening starts and ends happily. Therefore the device is ideal for people who do not want to hide in a kitchen, but who make cooking the centre of their lives.

Available colours: Bella Argentea 2G - Silver, Bella Rossa 2G - Red (item 10031673)

User manual PDF

Product details

Top features:

  • Quiet, extremely powerful second generation Stand Mixer / kneading machine with 1200 watts max. (1 HP)
  • 6-stage manually adjustable working speed and various attachments
  • 5 litre bowl made of unbreakable glass for max. 2.5 litres dough preparation
  • Quick-release chuck for easy and fast tooling
  • Improved stirring due to planetary stirring system


  • Glass bowl with handle and spout for easy handling while working
  • Die-cast stirring hook - even mixing of even larger quantities of dough
  • Die-cast kneading hook - for heavy doughs such as yeast or bread dough
  • Whisk for airy masses, such as egg whites or biscuit dough
  • Unlocking mechanism for multi-function arm - fold up for easy attachment and bowl handling
  • Spray protection cover for clean working with a practical filling opening
  • Pulse function for short stirring impulses
  • Special gearbox
  • Safe stance thanks to 6 suction feet

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x glass bowl
  • 1 x splash cover
  • 1 x dough hook
  • 1 x stirring hook
  • 1 x whisk
  • Operating instructions in English (other languages: German)


  • Dimensions: about 30 x 36 x 38 (WxHxD)
  • Weight: about 8.4 kg

Customer opinions

From 1 Customer
Customer opinions

Bella Argentea 2G Stand Mixer

  • Quiet, extremely powerful food processor / kneading machine
  • 6-stage adjustable working speed
  • 5.2 litre bowl made of unbreakable glass
£ 199.63 £ 139.99
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