Stereo System with Bluetooth

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Stereo System with Bluetooth

Music system with Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a standard for short digital wireless connections. However, a range of a few metres is sufficient to supply a Bluetooth system with unlimited audio media. All that is required is a smartphone.

Music and more from the web

The secret of the Bluetooth stereo system lies in the Internet. Instead of physical sound carriers such as LPs, CDs or music cassettes, the Bluetooth stereo system obtains its media from the web. A cheap Spotify, YouTube or Audible subscription is enough to allow you to enjoy practically unlimited access to all kinds of audio media. In addition to the whole range of music, there are also audio books, radio plays and exciting lectures. The relevant channels offer more than one could listen to in a lifetime.

Large selection - buy a Bluetooth music system

Bluetooth stereo systems come in all forms. Here are your options:

  • Mini system with Bluetooth

  • Retro stereo system with Bluetooth connection

  • Stereo systems for the kitchen, bathroom or balcony

  • Boomboxes for on the go

  • ...and much more.

Mini systems are ideal for the bedroom or children's room. Despite their small dimensions, they have a remarkable musical performance. Not only are they sufficiently loud, they also have high sound quality. In this way, both exciting rock concerts as well as relaxing evenings with classical music can be enjoyed in equal measure.

Retro systems are simply timelessly beautiful. They are available in a simple Bauhaus design up to a full-fledged Wurlitzer jukebox. Here, you can enjoy classic design with modern technology.

Stereo systems for the kitchen, bathroom or balcony are particularly protected against the ingress of moisture. This allows you to enjoy exciting radio plays while you treat yourself to a relaxing bath or cook for the family.

Boomboxes are practical companions for on the go. They are charged via USB connection and then can deliver music for many hours. They come in different sizes. A small boombox is ideal for the beach or a picnic. With a large boombox, every parking space can be spontaneously turned into a party zone.

Which stereo system with Bluetooth do I need?

A Bluetooth stereo system offers a minimum of technology with a maximum of choice. Operation is very simple. All you need is a smartphone. For starters, a mini system with Bluetooth is sufficient even for the living room. Anyone who is often on the go is well advised to use a medium-sized boombox. Nostalgics get their money's worth with a retro stereo system. If you no longer want to do without the advantages of this type of media, you can also equip your balcony, kitchen and bathroom with a Bluetooth system.


Do I always need an internet connection for Bluetooth?

No. The connection between the music system and Bluetooth is via digital radio. However, you need a smartphone on which the media is stored. Alternatively, every stereo system with Bluetooth technology also has a USB port to which a stick or smartphone can be connected.

Is Bluetooth dangerous?

Bluetooth is a weak radio signal with a range of only a few metres. That makes it completely safe.

Can my neighbour tap into my Bluetooth source?

Today, it is no longer possible to tap into a third-party Bluetooth source. In the latest version, the standard is well protected against unauthorised access. This makes it impossible for neighbours and other people to control your own system.
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