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DVD HiFi Systems

Upgrade your stereo system and home theatre at the same time with a DVD hifi player. A DVD stereo system is the best of both worlds – not only is it a CD player, it doubles as a hifi DVD system as well. It’s an all-in-one entertainment package that’s sure to make your evenings at home more enjoyable, whether you’re listening to music or catching the latest flick that you’ve purchased. Nothing brings sound and vision alive like a DVD hifi. The crisp image and picture quality that you get from a DVD player stereo is unparalleled. A stereo with DVD is fantastic if you want to save space and combine your home cinema system with your hifi audio setup. Naturally there are a host of connections available when connecting all your equipment, for example HDMI, S-video, RCA, coaxial audio, composite video, and optical audio. Be sure to check the inputs and outputs of the DVD stereo system that you’re interested in, before purchasing and finding out it doesn’t have the right connections for your LCD TV or other equipment! A CD DVD stereo always comes with built-in speakers, and other features that modern DVD stereo system usually has, such as built-in radio and USB and SD inputs to play digital multimedia files. Some of our models even boast integrated screens and Freeview receivers! We’ve also got a couple of packages that come as a complete Home Cinema Surround Systems, with 2.1 or 5.1 speakers and sound.