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CD Players

The CD player isn’t dead yet! It’s the best way to enjoy pure, uncompressed digital sound in the comfort of your own home. Why risk illegal downloads and lossy audio files? A radio CD player will always ensure you’ve got music the way is was meant to be listened to.

Check out one of our CD player hifi stereos, to combine the functionality of a radio, compact disc player, included hifi speakers, or even a stereo with USB. These all in one systems are great for using in your living room or even as an DAB Radio in your bedroom. What’s more? Some of our hi-fis are wall mountable, which means they can fully integrate into the modern look of your home. Like to take your sound on the road? How about a portable CD player or boombox to play your discs on the run? We’ve got some fantastic ghetto blasters and boomboxes. Also pink cd player for kids, and lots more fun options. Today’s radio CD player can even play MP3-CDs, and often has a USB port for playing MP3’s from USB sticks and other compatible media. A CD or MP3 player makes a great gift for girls, boys, or anyone in the family. It’s especially a great gift for kids because they love to sing along to their favourite tunes and pretend to be a rock star! How about a radio CD player in pink or another fun colour for that next special gift? With our selection of cheap players you can buy one for everyone in the family! We have micro CD players with USB, MP3 and kids CD players for sale. This is definitely not going away in the age of digital downloads!