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Active Car Subwoofers Enclosed

Give your bass a boost with an active underseat subwoofer or enclosed subwoofer

An underseat subwoofer is a compact, slimline car subwoofer that is meant to slip under your car seat. The advantage of this type of enclosed subwoofer is that it takes very little space, and usually an underseat active subwoofer saves you the hassle of hooking it up to a separate car amplifier. Another style of enclosed subwoofer for your car is an enclosed box for your bass speaker. These are also available as an active designed, meaning it’s self powered and you won’t need a separate amp to run it. These are usually quite large, and an enclosed sub can be designed as a single box, or as a larger double subwoofer bass box. These types of car subs are usually quite bulky, mounted in the back, and often have special effects. It wouldn’t be out of place to see things like LED light effects or flashy colours in this type of setup. There’s also a great-looking style of enclosed sub called a bass tube, which are quite popular. These have a really hi-fi look and again, come in a variety of designs and colours. Typically bass tubes are heavy and come in power ratings around 500 watts or 600 watts. There are many choices of enclosed active subwoofers on the market in the UK. More choice means competition, and it’s easy to compare prices on the internet to make sure that you’re getting the best deal out there. You may want to look at brands like auna if you’re on a budget. Alternatively with more to spend, you could try a company like Hifonics to purchase your car audio equipment. If you’d prefer install your amplifier separately, you will need a passive car subwoofer.