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Klarfit Rackotar Power Rack Steel black

Stable power rack made of powder-coated square steel piping for weightlift training.

High safety standards thanks to the rubber grips, J-hooks and safety spotter.

Includes 2 sleeves with a 50 mm intake for storing weight plates.

Safe and effective all-round training in your own home. From weightlifting to pull-ups, the Klarfit Rackotar power rack is a perfect workout partner.

The versatile power rack from Klarfit guarantees professional training like in the gym or in the box. Being highly sturdy and made of powder-coated square, steel piping, it offers the possibility to train safely and effectively with a barbell at any time without the help of a training partner because of tis two J-hooks and associated safety spotters. Both the J-hooks and safety spotters are easy to adjust and can be moved for all of your training needs. Two sleeves with a 50mm intake allow for the easy storage of weight discs and the fast individual adaptation of the training device for your actual training needs. The different pull handles allow to change the physical challenge you give yourself.

Its high quality construction and focus on safe, effective training makes the Klarfit Rackotar power rack the ideal home gym for ambitious athletes.

Product details


  • Height-adjustable J-hooks and safety spotter for safe training with a barbell when alone
  • 20 positions for J-hooks and safety spotters
  • 2 sleeves for the safekeeping of weight plates with a 50 mm intake
  • 2 intakes for weight plates with a 30 mm opening


  • 1 x power rack
  • Assembly instructions in English (other languages: German)


  • Standing dimensions: approx. 106 x 220 x 119 cm (WxHxD)
  • Safety spotter length: 30 cm
  • J-hook length: 8 cm
  • Weight: 45 kg


  • Stable steel 4-sided piping
  • Black powder coating against rust and dirt
  • Rubber handles with different grips
  • Easy repositioning of the J-hooks and safety spotter with just a few steps
  • Distance of the height positions: 5 cm

Operating instructions

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Klarfit Rackotar Power Rack Steel black

  • Height-adjustable J-hooks and safety spotter
  • 2 sleeves for the safekeeping of weight plates with a 50 mm intake
  • Different grip possibilites
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