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Bring your audio up to date with an iPhone docking station

Find a new iPod dock in our special category for this brand new way to listen to audio. The iPod docking station is a relatively novel product that has come with the rise of the multimedia empire. There are chargers and hi-fi docking stations for the original iPod, iPhone 3, iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, as well as the new iPad 1 and iPad 2.

Many of our Apple docks come with universal bases to ensure the perfect fit for your particular flavour of iProduct. Some of iPod portable speakers also have AUX inputs so that you can also use them with a portable CD player or MP3 player! There are even Portable PA Systems with built-in docks for the ultimate entertainement on the go. We have an iPod dock to bring your mp3 player or mobile to the next level! Companies such as Gear4, Auna, Denver, and Philips are constantly upgrading the next level of iPod docking station. You would not believe the incredible power that iPod speakers now possess. And we have all the latest and greatest products! Buy a docking station for iPod, portable iPhone speakers, or even an iPad speaker dock! Your MP3 player or mobile phone can do so much more than play music or make phone calls! Our hi-fi stereo systems charge your device, play fm radio from a tuner, pipe in internet radio stations, provide external speakers. Some of our higher end devices can even use your iPhone as a remote control and pull song data into a display panel. It’s truly amazing how much more your iPod or iPad can do. Even the humble iPod Shuffle can sound amazing with one of our speaker dock stations. Whether you need an iPod dock for your bedroom, living room, or for portable speakers on the go, or adding to existing Active PA Speakers, we have the right system for you. We have an iPod docking station for everyone, from compact to large multimedia iPod sound systems. Check out our shop category for iPod speakers and be wowed by our selection! Buy an iPod docking station alarm clock online. Bring your bedroom into the 21st century with a practical iPod docking station with radio or CD player. Most iPod speaker dock hi-fi’s also work as iPhone dock speakers as well. iPod speakers are a stylish new way to fill a room with music, and charge your mobile at the same time!But still, never forget Record Players!