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Wireless Microphones

Are you shopping online in the UK for a wireless microphone? You have definitely found some of the best quality and lowest prices online to buy a radio mic system. We have a good selection of handheld radio microphones, as well as dynamic microphones. We’ve also got lavalier mics that clip on to your tie, perfect for business speaking events and presentations. Our most popular type of wireless microphone set comes with a receiver as well as a pair of cordless microphones. A wireless mic is useful for many, many purposes, so you have full freedom of movement. For the most professional sound on stage or in front of a crowd, nothing impresses more that a slick cordless microphone system. If you need a UHF radio mic, we have a great selection at all different frequencies, to ensure that the wireless microphone system will function correctly with your existing PA system & audio equipment. Many of our radio microphones can also function on different frequencies to ensure that everything works correctly! Our mics are also very popular for karaoke as well as more serious speaking events. If you did not find the wireless microphone you were looking for, be sure to contact us so that we can help. We have a large selection in the radio mic department, so surely we can find the best match for you. We can even put together a custom kit for you so you’ll have the best microphone wireless mic package possible! Of course, we also have some very affordable condenser microphones if budget is a concern.