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Waldbeck Ventura Hand Truck Hand Cart Heavy Load 300kg Steel Black

Robust, high-quality hand-operated cart for transporting heavy objects.

Sturdy steel frame and large loading area with a maximum load of 300 kg.

Fold-down side panels for easy loading or bulky objects - also usable as a garden seat.

Load, unload, be happy: the Waldbeck Ventura hand truck is an incredibly practical aid for gardening and transporting unwieldy or heavy objects. Want to plant a hedge or make your flower bed even more colourful? Then the Ventura is just the right partner for you. It allows you to transport all the gardening tools you need as well as the plants themselves from A to B without any effort.

The Waldbeck Ventura hand cart has a robust black lacquered metal frame. Sturdy sides made of pinewood lend the hand cart and the cargo hold a pleasing appearance. A practical handle and wide, easy-running rubber tires make it easier to pull the cart. The side panels can be folded down in a few simple steps so that the cart can be loaded even more easily, or so that large, bulky objects can be transported. It an also be used as a garden seat when the side is folded down. Garden work has never been so simple and comfortable. But even away from your green oasis, the Ventura heavy load hand truck from Waldbeck is a useful helper. It can transport heavy water boxes, large purposes and almost any heavy load wherever you want, as it can loaded with up to 300 kg of weight.

Whether for a picnic, shopping, gardening or heavy load transport: the Waldbeck Ventura hand cart brings its cargo safely to its destination!

Product details


  • Hand truck for transporting heavy loads in the garden and hobby areas, while shopping and on excursions
  • Sturdy frame in black lacquered steel
  • Folding side panels with pinewood veneer for easy loading and transport of bulky objects
  • Loadable up to 300 kg
  • Air-filled rubber tires with steel rims


  • 1 x hand cart (assembly kit)
  • English user manual (other languages: German)


  • Dimensions (with handelbar upright): approx. 55 x 98 x 124 cm (WxHxD)
  • Dimensions (length with handle bar down): approx. 195 cm
  • Dimensions (height of tailboard): approx. 66 cm
  • Weight: 28 kg


  • Robust, large metal handle for comfortable pulling with any hand size
  • Simple, intuitive folding mechanism for the side pieces
  • Wide tires for safe driving even on difficult, sandy or soft ground
  • Large loading space of 98 x 55 x 124 cm (WxHxD)
  • Plastic mat cushions the loaded objects, removable
  • Practical equipment shelf or sitting surface during gardening
  • Metal parts with weather-resistant painting to protect against rust and damage

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Waldbeck Ventura Hand Truck Hand Cart Heavy Load 300kg Steel Black

  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Folding side panels with pinewood veneer
  • Loadable up to 300 kg
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