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There are basically two different types of treadmill machines: motorised, which uses electricity to move the belt, and manual treadmill designs. The latter are smaller and lighter, sometimes available in a folding design, and create resistance by manually pushing your feet against the surface.

Treadmills started out as a power mechanism for lifting heavy items, pumping water, and milling grains. However, treadmills for sale today are for fitness only. They are a common sight in professional gyms as well as home set-ups. To stay motivated when working out, it always helps to have energetic music to keep the beat pumping. With a set of powerful PA speakers, you’ll be sure that you’ll never be low on bass-shaking tunes! Instructors often use a microphone to encourage their students. Many people watch TV show or films to stave off boredom. More elaborate models may include features such as moving handles for upper body motion, details training computers, cup holders, or an integrated pulse monitor. Don’t let the weather spoil your plans! Regardless of rain, snow, or other unpleasant elements, an indoor treadmill may be used on any day of the year. Treadmills provide excellent cardiovascular training, and the length and intensity can be easily adjusted to suit individual levels and needs. Even cheap treadmills usually have a monitor that measures heart rate, calories burned, and distance walked/run, so feedback is immediate and useful. Data can be charted to track progress over time. If you find a treadmill for sale, it pays to shop around and compare prices. In the UK, it’s easy to use search comparison sites to find the best price online. There are many companies selling fitness equipment, along with hi-fi systems and every other imaginable consumer product under the sun.