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Professional speaker cable for all your DJ and PA speaker needs

Don’t settle for lesser quality when buying speaker cable for your PA system or DJ setup.

If you are looking for speaker cable to complete your PA speaker system, connect your DJ and disco speakers to the rest of your DJ equipment, or even if you’re hifi audio lover with a specific hifi speaker configuration, come have a look in our shop. There’s surely the exact connect connector or lead that you’re looking for. We’ve got the cords for all professional audio connections, including RCA cables, XLR cable, speakon cable as well as splitters and converters. Of course we also offer the usual male to male, female to female, female to male, and male to female possibilities. All at varying lengths to suit stage or studio, parties, discos and clubs – 2m, 10m, 15 meter, and even 50m speaker wire spools. When considering buying speaker cable, you have to first know what connections you have on your equipment. Do you need XLR cable, copper wire, a speakon cable, RCA or phono cables? The more complicated your configuration, the more leads and connectors you’ll naturally require! We can help you through that tangled mess to find the right speaker cables. Our copper speaker cables are also popular with home audiophiles along with the pros. Check out our popular copper wire spools to connect your hi-fi amplifier and passive hifi speakers. Usually home users don’t require XLR cables or speakon cables, but perhaps you also need RCA cable to connect everything up (also called phono cable). Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any advice on choosing the right speaker cable for your home project, stage setup or to connect up your PA speakers – our knowledgeable customer care team will do the best to ensure you get the best equipment for your particular situation – all this at a great price too! We’ve got all the right PA and DJ cables to get everything up and running for you.