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Bubble machines are the perfect addition to add some whimsy to special events like weddings and disco dances. It’s a common part of a complete DJ package to have one in their arsenal for a bit of extra fun. Effects equipment can be either placed on the floor, or mounted to the wall or ceiling for extra height placement. More expensive models also include a remote control for ease of operation.

Where can a fake snow machine be used?

Snow machines are a popular choice for a Christmas party or stage theatre production. If you regularly put on shows or events, it makes sense to invest in a snow machine for sale, rather than to hire equipment. They’re safe to use indoors and require little space to operate. Imagine the amazing atmosphere you can create while playing your next Xmas set, whether you’re using DJ CD decks or record players.

How does an electric bubble machine work?

Bubble machine designs haven’t changed much since the first models hit the market. In general, there are four main parts that make up the construction. That is: a tank to hold the snow machine fluid, a motor, a fan, and a disk made out bubble wands. As the disc rotates through the soapy solution, air is blown out to force the bubbles into the air.
Choosing the right bubble machine (UK and Europe) depends on where it will be used, how big a room needs to be covered, and over course, budget is a consideration. There are many sizes of models available on the market today, and the choice can be overwhelming.