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Record Players

If you are looking for a new hifi record player to player your vinyl and LP collection, you’ve come to the right place. Record players are somewhat of a specialty item these days, as we’ve since seen the rise and fall of cassette players and CD players. We’ve got all the elements you need for a hifi stereo setup, whether you’re looking for a USB turntable, a belt drive turntable, a stereo turntable, a 3 speed turntable, or more, all available from our online shop in the UK.

A true analogue audiophile’s hi-fi stereo system is not complete without the capability to play ALL possible media. That includes a record player for die-hard fans of all forms of music. While many people are fans of uncompressed, crystal clear digital, others feel there’s something missing from the warm sound that only record players can give. Celebrate your old vinyl with a new record player, adapted for today’s media needs. Our vinyl players are not just retro record player throwbacks – the most up-to-date models not only spin old-school type LPs, but convert those tunes into MP3 files! These new breed of USB record players bridge the gap between analogue and digital – vintage and cutting edge – allowing you to enjoy the best of both worlds. Our most popular searched model is the Ion USB turntable, a reknowned and trusted brand for digitising vinyl-to-mp3. If you’re a DJ, we also have a USB turntable for you. Many of our turntables with USB are used by professionals and vinyl music fans alike, so they’re at home in a club, beside a pair of studio monitors, or in the comfort of your living room. We have many different models for sale so you’re sure to find something to meet your needs! As always, we are happy to help select the perfect setup for you. Whether you’re looking for a standalone retro turntable, a DJ turntable, or the newest technology available in hifi stereo systems, we can help. Contact us directly by our customer service email address, or on our client services hotline, and we will do our best to recommend the ideal product for you. Where to find record players for sale. There’s a wide range of affordable styles available to play your vinyl collection. It’s also possible to find USB record player for sale, meaning that old music can be converted into MP3 format and saved on a memory stick or transferred to a computer. Record players (UK availability as well) handle the best of both worlds, acting as a retro turntable record player while also acting as a modern media hi-fi system. For a more flexible set-up, consider adding a power amplifier to the mix.