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RCA & Phono Cables

There’s nothing more important than putting the finishing touches on your hifi, DJ or PA system sound arrangement – that includes thinking about accessories like getting the necessary RCA cable to connect DJ equipment A to equipment B. Perhaps you need a phono cable, RCA adapter, or something else to get everything working. We’ve got all of those and more to select from in our cables and accessories department. Other professional, PA and DJ cables that we have are useful audio splitters like 2x 6.3mm jack to 2x RCA cables, RCA splitter cables, RCA to XLR leads, jack to RCA cords, and XLR to RCA cable connectors. Of course we sell them at many lengths to suit you (like 1m and 2m) as well as male to male, female to female, male to female, and female to male configurations. A particularly common cord that is needed is a mini-jack (also called a headphone jack or 3.5mm jack) to RCA cable. This is really useful for connecting for example, a laptop to a DJ mixer. People also use this RCA cable to mini-jack cord to link an MP3 player to active hifi speakers. Get the best stereo RCA phono sound at great prices – bargains and good value for money in our online shop! If you need any help selecting an RCA cable or RCA adapter that will correctly get your system working, don’t hesitate to contact us.