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Projectors & Accessories

In our Projectors category you can by projector screens with a compatible hd projector or an led projector!

Projector screens are a great idea to use for your home cinema projector video. People usually think that projector screens and led projectors are used for presentation, but the trend is changing. Mini projectors and hd projectors are becoming very popular within households. We offer a range of projector screen sizes and some of the best hd projectors on the market. Our range includes projector ceiling mounts at very low prices, hd projector and mini projectors and versatile projector screens. Our famous LED mini projector is a perfect companion to any compatible portable projector screen. Our motorised projector screens are also wonderful if you don’t want the hassle of the pull down projector screens. Our pull down projector screens are still great for all scenarios. You can buy the best hd projector from us. Mount your HD projector or LED projector on a range of suitable black and white projector ceiling mounts. Home cinema LED projectors give your living room a sleek look and perfect for movie nights. Imagine viewing your HD videos on a hd projector projected on a projection screen on your wall! The mini projectors are also perfect for travel and mobile businesses who give presentations all over the place. LED projectors are our most popular with HD ready projectors for TV . Projector mounts also compliment any full hd projector and projector screen if you want a ceiling mounted projector.