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Portable PA Systems

There are no limits to your freedom of sound when you buy one of our portable PA systems! We carry a large selection so you can find the right portable sound system for your requirements. A portable PA speaker is great way to get your message across, to get your music out there, or show off your singing talents. Bring your wireless portable PA system to the park or different venues, to karaoke parties and speaking events. Need a portable PA Systems? The possibilities are limitless when you’ve got mobile equipment! Having a portable PA speaker system is very useful for many purposes. A portable sound system can be used for mobile DJ’s on the go, for taking your music act to the local park, or making sure that you’re heard at speaking events. A mobile PA system is the way to go when you can’t have constraints on where you go! For example, you may need LED Party Lights, but at the same time fit your gear into the back of a small car. We are constantly adding different brands of portable sound system to our selection, such as DJ-Tech, Ibiza, and Ion to name a few popular but affordable options. We also have a few speaker selections from Skytec, LTC, and Power Dynamic, that are also fantastic choices for active speaker systems that you can pack up and go. If you need any help at all choosing a portable PA system to suit your needs, just give us a ring on our customer service line. We’re also specialised in all sorts of complete PA systems, including the perfect speaker sound system for your pub, club, dance class, aerobics, discos, parties, and more. Give the whole category a browse to get a better idea of our full sound system selection!