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Moving Heads & Scanners

An LED moving head is the perfect way to light up your dance floor and get people dancing! Moving head lights are the way to go for that extra splash – go for the best impression you can. Fill your event with amazing colours and patterns – behold as the FX wash over the room!

The cheap moving head lights for sale on our website are a really amazing deal, but don’t be fooled – we have great quality DJ scanner lights, DMX moving head lights, as well as the more manageable LED mini moving head light. Most of our products can be wall or ceiling mounted so they’re placed optimally depending on the shape of the room. Several of our moving head light models also feature the ability to use master/slave operation, along with integrated music controls. LED party lights are of course favoured for their lower power consumption, long life, and cool touch, and these our LED moving heads are no exception to the advantages of LED lights. Nothing can duplicate a professional LED moving head effect. Our moving head lights are an affordable way to get into the world of DJ lights and light effects. A moving head light usually have DMX capabilities and come in many colours such as red, green and blue. Many of our moving head disco lights feature extra effects such as gobos and patterns, or can be set on auto mode so they function move to the music and function as sound activated lights. If you need help choosing your LED moving head purchase, do give us a ring or drop us an email to let us know your queries. We want to help you find the perfect DJ moving head and disco scanners to make your party a hit!