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Midrange Speakers

Normally, mid-range drivers are used in mid-range car speakers. With a midrange car speaker, you’re usually looking at a cone-type, along with dome types and compression horn drivers. Hi-fi car speakers are often sold in sets, so that you get a complimentary equipment, power, and style all in one package. 

When you are really looking to give a boost to your car’s sound system, mid-range speakers are at the heart of hit all. Mid-range car speakers should be positioned in your car to optimise the sound, working with car tweeters and car subwoofers. Every midrange car speaker should be complemented by the appropriate equipment to support the low and high end of your car sound system. Add that extra touch of quality and sound to your existing system, or start from scratch and build a matching set. Car mid-range speakers are available in a variety of colours and wattages to suit your needs. For example, standard sizes are 4”, 6”, 6x9”, 6.5” speakers, normally sold in a pair. You can get power starting at around 200 watts max, all the way up to 800w peak power. It’s important that you match your car amplifier to suit the wattage and impedence of your speaker, so if in doubt, consult a professional to avoid damaging your equipment. As with all electronics, mid-range car speakers come in a variety of quality ratings and price points. A midrange car speaker that offers very good value for money is from the auna line. Even from this affordable line, you can get colours like red, blue, and orange, or even with special effects like LED lights. Creating your own car hifi-system should be an experience that shouldn’t break the bank, and with all the options today you won’t need to!