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Klarstein Klingenthal Watch Winder Right-Left-Run 12 Watches LED Touch Mahogony Handmade

Smooth running and lockable watch winder for movement and presentation of up to 12 watches for private or professional use.

Easily understandable, digital touch screen to set the direction of rotation and the daily number of rotations per watch holder.

Luxurious wooden showcase with mahogony look, blue LED lighting, black liner and black foam pad in leather look.

Watch lovers and collectors know: Automatic watches must be constantly kept in motion so that they do not stay still or need to be oiled. So a problem arises when the person with multiple watches chooses not to wear them all the time. The Klarstein Klingenthal Winder seeks to remedy that situation by tirelessly keeping automatic watches in a state of vibration and constant motion.

The luxurious, mahogony showcase of the Klarstein Klingenthal Watch Winder comes with six spots and two black cushions that allow you to place each watch in an elegant scene. The foam material ensures that watches with both long and short straps find room to stand. The black fabric of the interior also works to complete the noble overall impression. A plastic door protects the precious timepieces from dust and dirt, while a switchable blue LED light illuminates the display and gives the interior a sense of style. An easy to use, digital touch display with 6 keypads is used to separately control the six rotators. Thus, each rotator can be individually set for the right, left or right-left-run motion while also allowing you to choose the desired revolutions per day - up to 2200.

The Klarstein Klingenthal winder has an extremely smooth-running motor and the operating noise is barely perceptible, even at close range. Thus it is very suitable for installation in a bedroom or study. Its power is replaced by the device either via a 4 V 1.2 mAh AC adapter or 6 LR20 batteries. With its fine wooden showcase, the Klarstein Klingenthal Winder is particularly suitable for the presentation of high-quality watches in professional surroundings, eg by watchmakers or jewelers. The blue interior lighting accentuates this skillfully while an integrated door lock prevents unwanted access to the exhibited watches.

Available Colors: Mahogony, Black (item 10029402)

Product details


  • smooth-running winder for use with up to 12 watches
  • elegant presentation showcase made of wood in mahogany look with a cream colored upholstery interior of velvet and black foam cushion
  • 6 rotators with two individually controllable inserts
  • digital touch screen to select the direction of motion and the revolutions per day
  • suitable for holding watches with long or short straps


  • 1 x Watch Winder
  • 1 x Power Adapter
  • 1 x Manual in English


  • Dimensions: 31.5 x 55 x 33 cm (WxHxD)
  • Weight: 7.7 kg
  • Cable length: 160 cm


  • Power supply: optional 4V; 1.2 mAh power adapter or 6x LR20 battery (batteries not included)
  • whisper-quiet engine noise
  • stylish watche presentation in private or professional field (Watchmakers & Watch Retailers and jewelers)
  • Durably winds watches and avoids having to resinify watch oil
  • Plastic door with integrated lock
  • Arbitrary Motion Speed: up to 2200 revolutions per day
  • adjustable operating direction: forward, reverse, or alternating right-left-run
  • two additional storage receptacles (without rotation)
  • secure long time positioning thanks to non-slip feet
  • Housing Material: MDF with mahogany veneer
  • Color: Dark Red Brown

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Klarstein Klingenthal Watch Winder Right-Left-Run 12 Watches LED Touch Mahogony Handmade

  • Elegant showcase in Mohogony look
  • 6 rotators with two individually controllable inserts
  • digital touch screen to select the direction and turns per day
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