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Klarfit Ultimate Gym 5000 Multi Home Gym Fitness Station Black

Ultimate Fitness Station for the professional home training of the torso, arm and leg muscles.

For more than 50 joint-friendly exercises for arms, legs, back, shoulders, chest and abdomen.

Robust tubular frame with cables and adjustable weights.

The Ultimate Gym 5000 from Klarfit is a multifunctional strength training station for your daily training needs, allowing a joint-friendly execution of exercises.

The sturdy padded metal frame allows for more than 50 different exercises for a holistic training of the entire body. Thus, the device provides many options for workouts in your home gym. Smooth-running cables ensure smooth movement with optimised power transmission.

From the middle seat, you can access the butterfly module, which may also be used as a bench press as well as for a chest and shoulder workout. The leg extension device trains the front leg muscles, while the wide upper drawbar is for training the biceps, triceps, lats and back.

The cable pull is suitable for bicep, tricep and back exercises while standing, and a seated rowing workout is available for shoulders, back and arms, or even leg pulling exercises if the included leg strap is attached. The leg curl device trains the back of the leg and the glutes.

On the right side, an oblique crunch bench is available for abdominal exercises, as well as a support module for leg lifting exercises and continuous supporting exercises. The ground support system on the left side is optimal for different pushup variations.

The backrest and seat cushions have an easy-to-clean leatherette cover, and therefore may be easily wiped clean with a towel after your workout.

Product details


  • Multifunctional home gym for more than 50 different exercises
  • Weight adjustment in small steps via socket pins
  • Sturdy tubular frame
  • Smooth-running pully cables
  • Easy-to-clean backrest and cushion
  • Incl. 2 dumbbells at 1.5 kg each


  • 1 x multipart scaffolding
  • 12 x pulley wheels
  • 3 x steel ropes
  • 1 x main weight plate
  • 9 x lower weight plates
  • 7 x various body cushions
  • 8 x various handles
  • 12 x various bar pads
  • 1 x leg loop
  • 2 x dumbbells
  • 1 x multipart assembly kit
  • 1 x English user manual (other languages: German)


  • About 235 x 214 x 165 cm (WxHxD)
  • Weight: about 124.5 kg


  • Devices which may be used for butterfly, bench press, arm-over-head pull, arm-behind-head pull, rowing, leg curl, double leg curl, bench crunch, pushups, arm presses, knee pulls, leg pulls, standing biceps, standing triceps, various dumbbell exercises and much more
  • 9 weight plates weighing 4.5 kg each and a main weight with 3.5 kg (maximum weight: approx 44 kg)
  • Pulleys: steel cables with plastic sheathing

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Klarfit Ultimate Gym 5000 Multi Home Gym Fitness Station Black

  • Multifunctional fitness station for more than 50 different exercises
  • Weight adjustment in small steps via socket pins
  • Incl. 2 dumbbells at 1.5 kg each
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