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Klarfit Ellifit FX 250 Pro Elliptical Cross Trainer

Hardworking elliptical trainer with hand pulse sensor, heart rate monitor and ergonomic design.
Space-saving with only 21.7" x 33.5" (55 x 85 cm) footprint.

The Klarfit Ellifit FX 250 is an elliptical trainer with a high-quality design that meets the requirements of an ambitious home studio at an affordable price.
Thanks to a small footprint, the exercise trainer will fit well into a home gym. Rubber feet and high weight protect against damage to surfaces and also prevent unwanted workout noise. The feet also guarantee a firm, steady foothold while you train. Casters allow for the easy transportation of the device to the ideal location.
The incline level can be raised in eight steps, from a flat plain to a mountain climb. The grip rails provide a built-in heart rate monitor, which feeds live data to the training computer allowing you to have more power over your workout. In addition to the pulse rate, the display also shows time, speed, calories burned, as well as distance travelled, ensuring that all of your training objectives can be achieved.
The Klarfit Ellifit FX 250 has an ergonomic design, and the ribbed tread surface allows for a comfortable use with virtually any sized physique. The handle bar options enable athletes of different builds to get the most from their workout.
Please note that the device is delivered as an assembly kit, and installation takes approximately 30 minutes, depending on your level of technical skills. An illustrated manual as well as the necessary mounting hardware are all included in delivery.

Product details


  • Athletic cross trainer with computer training for the organisation and monitoring of the training session
  • Heart rate monitor for precise power control on the training computer
  • Quick installation with detailed, illustrated assembly instructions
  • 8-level adjustable resistance
  • Bottom rollers for easy positioning in the room


  • 1 x device
  • 1 x mounting kit
  • 1 x English user manual (other languages: German)


  • 21.7" x 59" x 33.5" (55 x 150 x 85 cm)
  • Weight: about 25kg


  • Training computer functions: time, distance, speed, calories burned, pulse, scan (alternating display)
  • Load capacity: max. 110kg
  • Materials: metal, plastic
  • Non-slip treads
  • Robust construction with sure grip guide / handrails
  • Padded handles made of PU foam
  • Training computer with easy to read LCD display and large buttons
  • Sturdy frame
  • Rubber feet for stability
  • Power training computer: 2 x AA battery (included)

Operating instructions

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of Barbara reviewed on 22/04/2014

Over the years, my husband and I have used a variety of fitness equipment, both at the gym and at home, and were curious to see how this new model of elliptical cross-trainer would compare. First impressions are very good: the machine comes securely packaged, in a single box weighing around 28 kg (62 lbs). The actual exerciser weighs 25 kg (55 lbs) mostly due to the solid steel frame which ensures the required stability. Two small casters, integrated into the front stabilizer bar, allow you to tilt and move the whole thing fairly easily. Assembly is required but there is a very detailed step-by-step booklet with photos and diagrams which covers the entire process (it may help to scan and enlarge the drawings). All the hardware and tools necessary for assembly are provided, numbered and cross-referenced to the diagrams. Not being terribly mechanical-minded, I found an early step challenging until I obtained clarification. It is discussed in the short video I made, and I believe Klarfit are reviewing the instructions. Once put together, the Ellifit FX 250 Pro is surprisingly compact. Its approximate size is 90 cm long x 51 cm wide (3 ft x 1 ft 8 in), and it is 150 cm in height (just short of 5 ft) to the top of the handlebars. The makers recommend allowing for 2 metres clearance all around it but, in practical terms, even less space would work. The frame is sturdy and confidence-giving. The handlebars and pedal rails are solid and very smooth in operation. The foot area is enclosed by a low rim but the size is generous and should accommodate most normal shoe sizes. The integrated computer unit has three buttons and a clear LCD screen displaying very large digits. It starts automatically when the foot pedals are put in motion and stops by itself four minutes after activity has ceased. The readings cycle through six items: 1. Time (how long you have been exercising in this session) 2. Calories (estimated calories burnt through exercise) 3. Odometer (cumulative distance covered) 4. Pulse (to get a reading, you would grasp the inner, fixed handlebars with sensors) 5. Speed (your estimated speed of motion) 6. Distance (how far you have travelled in the current workout) The central button (MODE) allows you to isolate any one of the above readings, or select the SCAN mode, which shows all the readings in sequence. The left button (SET) allows you to program targets for distance, time and calories. The right button (RESET) resets all readings except the Odometer. Removing the batteries (two AA standard batteries, which are provided) resets everything, including the Odometer cancelling the total distance covered. The Ellifit provides a fairly energetic workout, requiring a motion which is a combination of running, cycling and cross-country skiing, plus a certain bounce involving the hips, and co-ordinated arm movements when the hands grasp the outer (moving) handlebars. Even at the low end of the eight resistance settings, it gets your whole body going and brings the heart rate up fairly quickly. Unlike other static exercisers which lull you into a continuous, monotonous rhythm, the Ellifit is best suited to short bursts of effort, alternating with recovery periods, stretches or perhaps weight training. I found the pulse monitor quite reliable and very useful to gauge improvements in fitness. We know that the faster your heart rate returns to normal, the fitter your condition, but it certainly helps to have such an easy way to verify this. Just remember that the Pulse reading will only show when your hands are in contact with the metal sensors on the two central handlebars. With minimal practice, you can switch hand position on the move. My husband (who is a competitive Masters swimmer) and I have been using the Ellifit Pro on a daily basis and are both delighted with this cross-trainer and with the intensive workout it is capable of providing. Changing resistance levels is extremely easy, with the turn of

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Klarfit Ellifit FX 250 Pro Elliptical Cross Trainer

  • Training computer
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Illustrated assembly manual
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