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Klarfit Dumbbell Set Barbell Curl Bar 14 x Weights 75kg - Plastic Coated

Sweat-inducing dumbbell set with 2 dumbbells, 8 dumbbell weights, 1 barbell, 1 x curl bar and 6 barbell weights. Features chrome bars with slip-proof knurled grips.

The Klarfit dumbbell set is an invaluable tool for achieving the godlike body.

This dumbbell set is a relentless sweat-inducer, each equipped with 4 weights (2 x 2.5kg and 2 x 1.25kg) that allows the weight to be flexibly adjusted between 4.5 and 7kg in order to achieve a results-oriented training for both beginners and advanced users.

The weights’ compassionate side allow only for protection of floors and other surfaces with their plastic coasting. Another positive aspect of this choice of material is the avoidance of the annoying clattering that is common with metal weights.

Klarfit ensure safety for their dumbbell set with spin-lock collars and grooved handles that allow for iron discipline and control.

The Klarfit weight set also brings 6 barbell/curl bar weights into the equation (2 x 5kg, 2 x 10kg and 2 x 15kg) that, together with the matching barbell and curl bar rods, allow you to defeat any weaknesses.

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Product details


  • Dumbbell pair (dumbbell bars each with 4 weights with a total of 7.5kg weight)
  • Barbell and curl bar with 6-piece weight set
  • Muscular design with Klarfit logo
  • Chrome bars
  • Spin-lock collars for securing weights
  • Weights with plastic coating for protecting surfaces and avoiding noise when placing back on the floor


  • 1 x Barbell bar
  • 1 x Curl bar
  • 2 x Dumbbell bars with 2kg own weight
  • 2 x 15kg weights
  • 2 x 10kg weights
  • 2 x 5kg weights
  • 4 x 2.5kg weights
  • 4 x 1.25kg weights
  • 4 x Spin-lock collars


  • Barbell bar length: 160cm
  • Grip length: 20cm
  • Dumbbell bar length: 34.5cm
  • Grip: 12cm
  • Weight bar diameter: 3cm
  • 1.25kg weight diameter: 16.5cm
  • 2.5kg weight diameter: 21cm
  • 5kg weight diameter: 25cm
  • 10kg weight diameter: 32.5cm
  • 15kg weight diameter: 40cm


  • Slip-proof, grooved grips (cross knurled)
  • Wear-resistant screw threads
  • Rod material: Stainless steel
  • Weight material: Hard plastic coating

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Klarfit Dumbbell Set Barbell Curl Bar 14 x Weights 75kg - Plastic Coated

  • Weight set with 2 x Dumbbells, 1 x Barbell, 1 x Curl bar and 14 weights

  • Chrome bars
  • Weights with plastic coating for protecting surfaces
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