Bread bin

Bread bin - stylish storage options

The texture and freshness of baked goods have a decisive influence on their taste. Nevertheless, you don't necessarily have to make the trip to your trusted bakery every day if you have a specifically conceived storage option in the form of a bread bin in your kitchen instead. This way, bread rolls, bread and dough products stay crispy and are protected from sun, dust and other elements.

Buying a bread bin: Which style suits you and your kitchen?

Should the bread bin be white or black? Rather small sized or in a way that also fits an uncut loaf of bread? With a practical hinged lid or removable cap? One thing is certain: bread bins nowadays look nothing like they did two or three decades ago. They advance to a stylish eye-catcher in the kitchen, exuding retro charm as well as a lot of character. A small bread bin is primarily suitable for anyone who wants to store bread rolls and dough products in it; for half or whole loaves of bread, however, it should be proportionately larger.

Bread bins can be made from a wide range of materials. Metal bread bins are true classics, because the robust material has a noble appearance and can be printed relatively flexibly. Moreover, metal as a material is impermeable to air, so there are smaller air slits on the respective boxes - just enough so that the bread and fresh dough products are not completely vacuum sealed. Alternatives are made of easy-to-clean plastic, ceramic or natural wood. The appearance of a bread bin can therefore be matched quite precisely to the dominant materials in your kitchen to create a uniform look - or alternatively to create an attractive contrast using a different material.

Why is a bread bin in white or black a good choice?

From yeast plaits to sour dough bread with a delicious crust: if baked goods are stored in a specially designed box, they stay fresh for longer. The bread box prevents premature moulding of the baked goods as well as sealing in their aroma more effectively. Additionally, the baked goods don't dry out as quickly, so you don't have to consume them right on the day you bought them. This actually saves money in the long run - and, as we all know, looks really good in the kitchen.

What should you look for when buying a bread bin?

First of all, the design and the size. A small bread bin can occasionally only store one sliced loaf of bread or a few bread rolls, while a larger version offers space for two to three different types of bread. Moreover, a large as well as a small bread bin should be powder-coated and rustproof if it is made of metal. Easy cleaning, sometimes even in the dishwasher, is another practical advantage. At the same time, the bins should definitely have air slits or air holes so that the air can circulate inside the bin.

Bread bin FAQs

In which style can I buy bread bins?

There are those in natural Scandinavian country house style, in charming retro look or, for example, in relatively style-neutral plastic. Your personal taste matters!

Is a bread bin in white or black a good idea?

To keep the baked goods fresh in any case! Besides, neutral colours such as white or black are visually very easy to integrate into the kitchen and other decorative elements.

Are metal or wooden bread bins better?

Metal bread bins are generally neutral in taste and very easy to clean. Since they are air impermeable, they always have air slits to compensate. However, wood transports moisture to the outside via the material.
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