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Home Cinema Surround Systems

A surround sound system uses a technique to bring audio through multiple channels. There are two surround system types: most commonly either using 2.1 or 5.1 Surround Sound Speakers. The first part of the number refers to the satellite and centre speakers (placed on the side and front). The “.1” part refers to the subwoofer, so actually there is a total of either three or six speakers.

When setting up 5.1 speakers in your home, the easiest way to connect everything is via a DVD Surround Sound System. With a DVD surround system, you’ll usually have the correct outputs to properly distribute the sound, unlike most televisions, for example. If you are looking to replace your Hi Fi Amplifier stereo system, you can also consider purchasing a new DVD player with speakers. That way you’ll have all your sound and vision neatly joined in one place. You don’t even need to spend a lot of money to do so: these days a cheap DVD surround sound system can be found without sacrificing any quality. A DVD with speakers is a great place to start building a home theatre system that will impress your friends and family. Instead of the traditional left/right stereo connections of Stereo Systems, a DVD surround sound system uses 5.1 connectors to ensure that sound reproduction goes out to each satellite speaker, centre speaker, and subwoofer. The DVD surround system is usually powered by an HiFI Subwoofer. The easiest way to get started if this is your first experience with surround sound speakers, is to look at DVD surround sound systems so you can be assured that all the equipment is compatible. Once you go surround, you’ll never go back!