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Electric Bass Guitars

An electric bass guitar is the perfect stringed instrument for beginners. An ideal starter musical instrument, the 4-string electric bass guitar made its appearance rather recently in history. Its strings are usually tuned to E, A, D, and G, which are one octave lower than the lower four strings in a regular guitar tuning. 

Why learn to play electric bass guitar?

Electric bass guitars made their first debut in the 1930s, invented in its modern form by Paul Tutmarc of the US. With the advent of rock’n’roll soon after, there was no stopping the popularity of bass electric guitars after that. It’s easy to find a cheap electric bass guitar to buy online. There are many electric bass guitars for sale on the internet, and it’s easy to find the best deal by using shopping comparison search engines. It’s especially ideal for people with no musical background such as kids. Whether you’re searching for a new bass or record players, a little research can save you a lot of money. Electric bass guitar prices are relatively cheap, especially if you purchase a package that also includes everything you need to begin. The amplification used is not like a regular PA amplifier: you’ll want a specialised unit that can deal with the power and frequencies of electric bass guitars. For performances larger PA speakers will be needed in order to project the sound to an audience. Students can either take formal lesson to learn fingering techniques and chords, or they can choose to self-teach by ear. The skill of reading music is always handy to have, especially when one switches between instruments or needs to read notes on sight. Bodies are typically made of wood, and with a fretted neck. Some common materials include maple, rosewood, and alder. Along with rock and popular music, bass is often featured in genres like jazz, funk, blues and an endless amount of sub-categories.