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CCTV Cameras

If you are looking for security and surveillance equipment, have a look at our CCTV system cameras and digital video recorders. You don’t even need to use a real camera: CCTV security can be faked with the use of a dummy camera kit – giving you the security without any of the cost or maintenance!

We’ve got a huge range of dummy cameras, wireless security cameras, ip security cameras, and digital video recorders and digital camcorders to get the evidence saved as a video file. We also have some great surveillance systems for home and personal use. Take a look at our baby video monitors, doorbell cameras, and other products to keep the entire family safe and secure. A wireless monitor display ensures that your loved ones and guests are never too far out of sight. Along with security equipment for your house, we have many other items such as robot vacuum cleaners for your home. Our security camera systems are the best you can get to protect your garden, shop, or restaurant business. We have outdoor CCTV cameras that are fully water and weatherproof, ensuring they keep running even under the most difficult conditions! Many of our cameras also have night vision, with IR LED sensors to illuminate prowlers even under bad lighting conditions. We also have a CCTV system for monitoring the baby’s room or double as a doorbell system. Install a CCTV system for peace of mind at home or at your place of business. Surveillance equipment is always the best deterrent against crime and unwanted activity where you live or work. Setting up a CCTV system in your house is a piece of cake. Put together your own surveillance equipment package, or buy one of our pre-packaged sets of security camera systems. We will sell you a home security camera, CCTV camera, DVR recorder, all as separate pieces if you prefer to customise your setup. Check out the rest of our Camera category for items such as photo scanners and memory cards. We’ve got all the items you need to fulfil your camera needs! Bring some even more comfort to your living space with a convenient mini fridge that you can set up next to your home cinema system.