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Auna AV2 CD508BT HiFi Stereo Amplifier Bluetooth 600W Black

HiFi stereo amplifier with built-in Bluetooth interface.

3 RCA audio inputs and an RCA audio output.
Metal housing with stand feet and black stainless steel front panel.

The Auna AV2 CD508BT is a competent HiFi amplifier with versatile functionality and excellent sound.

The CD508BT's wide array of connectivity output options are designed for seamless integration with standard home HiFi systems. A front-side AUX input allows you to connect mobile audio components such as MP3 and CD players, and on the back of the unit there are three RCA line inputs for hooking up radios, cassette decks, CD players, and other equipment to the amplifier. Via the RCA line output, incoming signals can be easily sent to other devices. The integrated Bluetooth interface allows you to stream audio wirelessly from smartphones, tablets, and computers.
With 600 watts of power, this stereo amplifier can sufficiently amplify sound throughout expansive living areas. The Auna AV2 CD508BT features a dynamic, detailed sound with perfectly matched bass, mids and treble.
Visually, the device has a notably elegant design with a subtle control panel and brushed stainless steel front.
The amplifier may be operated via the included remote control or the on-board controls.

Available colours: black and silver.

Product details


  • Black HiFi stereo amplifier with solid front panel made of brushed stainless steel
  • Bluetooth interface for wireless music playback from smartphones, tablets, or computers
  • 3 stereo RCA line inputs for CD players, DVD players and other AUX sources
  • Convenient operation via included remote control


  • 1 x device
  • 1 x remote control
  • 1 x English user manual (other languages: German)


  • 42 x 8.5 x 25cm (WxHxD)
  • Weight: about 3.2 kg


  • Connections: 1 x stereo RCA record output, 1 x 3.5 mm jack headphone output, 2 x set of speaker terminals
  • Power: max. 600W
  • Speaker impedance: 6-18 ohms
  • Volume control
  • Bass control
  • Treble controls
  • Balance control
  • Input source buttons
  • Standby function
  • Stands
  • Power LED
  • Power button on the rear side
  • Power remote control: 1 x CR2025
  • Power supply: AC 230V, 50Hz

Operating instructions

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of Michael Doy reviewed on 15/01/2015

I was looking for a reasonably priced Hifi amplifier and came across the Auna AV2 CD508BT. I trolled the internet for reviews before buying but could find very little about it, although one review was quite favourable. Perhaps this is because it was a relatively new product from this company. One of the attractions was the Bluetooth facility which I have not found on any Hifi amp at this price point and the other was the power rating which one reviewer stated was probably around 50 Watts RMS per channel and which was fine for my needs I am not sure how the claimed 600W rating is arrived at in the product listing but no doubt it has some meaning. In spite of the lack of information I decided to take a chance and buy it being happy that if it wasn't up to the mark I could return it within 30 days. The amp was a little late in being delivered but this was the couriers' delay and over a bank holiday so presumably could not be helped. I had full tracking information on the parcel, sent from Germany, which eventually arrived on the day stated suitably packaged, in A1 condition and complete with UK adapter as advertised. I have been using this amp for a few months now and I am glad I took the chance on it. I really like the fact that I can connect Bluetooth devices like my tablet and mobile phone and play music through my hifi system as well as having my TV sound playing through the amp which makes a world of difference with a pair of decent speakers. If I have any criticism of the amp it would be that the speaker binding posts seem rather lightweight and flimsy but they are hardly going to be in constant use so that should not be an issue. Other than that with the matt black casing and the discreet black brushed stainless steel front it looks good to me. The downside is that I have a LG TV which the remote for this amp wants to control but I can live with that! It seems that others have found this an issue too. As I have been using this amp for a while I am quite happy to add my review for the benefit of any potential buyers. 

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of Syed Hussain reviewed on 12/04/2014

For the price, this amp is awesome. Solid power, excellent build-quality and performance. Sounds great with LTC speakers that I bought with it and on my Sennheiser headphones. On a slightly silly note, I love the way the centre volume dial turns up and down using the remote!!! Recommend!

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Auna AV2 CD508BT HiFi Stereo Amplifier Bluetooth 600W Black

  • Solid metal front in brushed stainless steel
  • Bluetooth interface
  • 3 stereo RCA line inputs
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