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Abdominal Trainers & Benches

One of the most difficult areas to target is the core and stomach: that’s why it’s important to be precise with workouts and use an ab trainer for maximum results. An abs machine can be as simple or as complex as your space and budget allow.

Everyone can enjoy the benefits of abdominal exercising, including those involved in other sports, or people who suffer from weak back support and pain caused by bad posture. Abdominal muscles can also be improved by the use of a sit-up bench. These are inclined, curved, and/or declined to use gravity as resistance. Along with acting as an ab toner, sit-ups are fantastic for working on back muscles and endurance. Ab machines are no longer the sole domain of gyms (think of trendy places with a PA system or elaborate DJ package. It’s easy and affordable to set up your own home fitness gym and customise the space as needed. Think about installing active PA speakers in the room for maximum music volume and motivation! There are a few different types of ab trainer models on the market. Along with sit-up bench designs, you’ll find things like abdominal rollers and crunch aids to facilitate training. Every serious home gym should include at least one ab trainer along with gear for sit-up bench exercises. With a bigger ab machine, sometimes both can be achieved. Some activities that one can do anywhere include the bicycle crunch, vertical leg crunch, torso track, long arm, and more. Some popular gadgets and aids to choose from are the captain’s chair (also for building the upper body), ab roller, sit-up machine, and different configurations of sit-up bench.