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MIDI Controllers & Keyboards

In a nutshell, MIDI Controllers enable computers or other music devices to communicate with each other. Nowadays they are mostly used to control music making software on a computer in a way that is more tactile and also more closely connected to how you would use a real life music device like a synthesizer or a drum machine.

MIDI Controllers of all shapes and sizes

MIDI Controllers have different shapes and sizes but they are all essentially the same. On their own, they generate no sound until that MIDI Controller is connected through USB to a computer running some sort of software. This can then become part of your DJ Sets setup. After you connect your MIDI Controller or MIDI Controllers (as you can chain several MIDI Controllers and USB Hubs together) to your computer and run your software of choice, your MIDI Controller comes to life and then you’ll be able to get sound from your Active PA Speakers or whatever soundsystem you have. Sometimes these come with built in presets that will immediately recognise the software you’re running and all the functions will be assigned to the keys, buttons, rotaries or pads. We stock MIDI Controllers of all shapes, sizes and budgets. Your MIDI Controllers best choice only depends of the use you intend to give your controller and of course your budget. There’s surely a MIDI Controller Keyboard for your wallet. You can also check these for MIDI Controllers DJ purposes, but we’d recommend a dedicated DJ Controller for that. Find your MIDI Controller now. When looking at a MIDI Keyboard, consider the amount of octaves you need and also the type of keys. Semi-weighted keys give a more piano-like feel. Other options you might or might not need are drum pads, rotary controls and faders. For more info, also on Record Players and more, get in touch with Hifi-Tower.