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oneConcept Villa Hahnenkamm Henhouse Chicken Coop 6 Berths 157x113x100 cm

Magnificent villa in Swedish country house look for a luxury egg in the morning.

Two lateral lying nests with three separate berths.

Hinged roofs for easy egg gathering and easy cleaning.

The oneConcept Villa Hahnenkamm offers the dear feathered flock and its proud owner a small palace as a chicken stall to peck, sleep, and lay eggs.

A glimpse from the bird's-eye view reveals the division of the spacious villa in a Nordic style: on the side there is an elevated lying nest with a zinc tub; the built-in partition provides sufficient privacy. The spacious main room with high walls has a sliding window with bracing and grid. A large door leads over a step ladder to a garden. To enable future inhabitants to have a clean place to sleep, the roof can be opened on both sides and the living room floor can be pulled out.

Providing sufficient protection for the owners of the property, the wire mesh covers all free surfaces, thus preventing unwanted access of strangers.

The cock crows enviously when he sees how the lady hens flock to your new oneConcept Villa Hahnenkamm chicken house.

Product details


  • Decorative henhouse made from red stained wood in the style of a Swedish barn
  • Two side-mounted, elevated nests with zinc tub and laying places for up to six chickens
  • Easy egg collecting and easy cleaning through individually hinged roof parts
  • Weather-protected roof of asphalt for good rainfall runoff
  • Allows you to keep chickens in a smaller space


  • 1 x henhouse as assembly kit
  • Assembly instructions in English (other languages: German)


  • Dimensions: 157 x 113 x 100 cm (WxHxD)
  • Weight: about 50 kg


  • Easy to set up thanks to detailed instructions
  • Coloured stained wooden walls
  • Individually hinged roof parts
  • Pull-out bottom for easy cleaning
  • Up to six berths with partitions
  • Large main room
  • Sliding door and sliding windows with grid
  • Raised ground to avoid damage due to moisture
  • Feet with plastic covers to protect from moisture

Operating instructions

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oneConcept Villa Hahnenkamm Henhouse Chicken Coop 6 Berths 157x113x100 cm

  • Laying nest with zinc tub and laying places for six chickens
  • Easy to clean with individually-hinged roof parts
  • Weather-protected roof made of asphalt for good rainfall runoff
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